Prisoners of War

  • Lost Airmen of Buchenwald: (documentary film about airmen imprisoned in Buchenwald concentration camp).
  • WW2 People’s War, an archive of World War Two Memories, written by the public, gathered by the BBC.  This link deals with POW stories:
  • Note that at the British National Archives, records of British POWs who escaped during the last stages of the war may be found in a POW Liberation Report that is filed under WO 344.

7 responses to “Prisoners of War

  1. I’m trying to find info on French prisoners of world war 2. I know my grandfather was in a Nazi concentration camp. Is there any data bases you can recommend ?

  2. Anthony Van Dyk

    Dutch father Pieter arie van Dijk member of Dutch military spent entire second world war interned Changi Japanese prison camp. Singapore. After war remained as staff captain as interpreter Japanese war crimes trials 1945-6. Was he awarded any service or campaign medals or awards ?

  3. Thorsten Wübber

    I’m looking for information about the evaded crew of the Mosquito LR499 crashed Heeswijk- Dinther NL on the 2. December 1943.

    The crew came together with T/Sgt. Louis H. Breitenbach and I are interested in the memoirs of him, but your Link to them isn’t working anymore.
    Could you send me the PDF directly? Thanks Thorsten

    Breitenbach, Tech. Sgt. Louis H., USAAF Memoirs: Describes his experiences, including being shot down, helped by Dutch civilians, capture, POW camps.

    The Webmaster replies: The website,, no longer appears to be working, so there is no way I can provide you with the pdf file on Sgt. Breitenbach. Are you familiar with what is available on the website on Sgt. Breitenbach and are you familiar with this website: The latter refers to a Bulletin 042 from June 1979 by Mr. L. Zwaaf that may have additional information.


    My uncle Minne Zijlstra was in the Dutch Resistence, He was captured three times and imprisoned, but after the third escape he was put against a wall and shot by German soldiers. Do you have any information about him?

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