Books Used – WWII

Occasionally I want to purchase a used book on some WWII subject.  I have found the following sources and will be adding more listings as I come across them:

General used book search services:

Used book dealers in the U.S. specializing in, or having large holdings in, WWII books  (I am sure that there are far more that I have not listed):

I welcome suggestions for additions to this list which I began in July 2015.

A way to learn about library holdings of books is by consulting OCLC World Cat at  I used this service when searching for an out-of-print Dutch book.  The World Cat produced a list of 77 libraries where the book is to be found, three of them in the U.S. and the rest in The Netherlands.

Another source that may prove useful is the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) at

Another source that came to my attention is Delpher at  Their website advertises “More than one million Dutch books, newspapers, and magazines.”

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