8th Air Force

General Websites
8th Air Force Bomb Groups
For a brief history of each Bomb Group, see the Eighth Air Force Historical Society, WWII 8th AAF Bomber Groups page at: http://www.8thafhs.org/bombgrps.htm

The following list of Bomb Group and Fighter Group websites has been divided among those which, as of November 2022, are (1) still functioning, (2) simply refer visitors to the 8th AF website but apparently are not otherwise functioning, or (3) appear to be defunct, some of them having been taken over by commercial interests.

Bomb Group Websites

Bomb Group Websites Still Functioning

Bomb Group Websites Referring Visitors the 8th AFHS Website

Bomb Group Websites Blocked, Taken Over by Commercial Interests, Can’t be Reached, Are Modern Air Force Units, etc.

Fighter Group Websites

Fighter Group Websites Still Functioning

Fighter Group Websites Referring to 8th AFHS Website

Fighter Group Websites Blocked, Taken Over by Commercial Interests, Can’t be Reached, Are Modern Air Force Units, etc.

3 responses to “8th Air Force

  1. I would like to get in contact with JOHN TURNER JR,who’s dad was 2ns Lt John R Turner, Pilot of B-24 Bomber, The email listed is no longer available. I was a crew member of Lt Turners Crew, Lost on Feb 3 1944, Please contact me

  2. william womack byrn, jr.

    i would like to know anything i can about the death of staff sgt. eugene gilligan killed in england in may of 1944 when his plane crashed. he was with the 44th bomb group. i have a number of items dealing with this young man, including photos, and letters.

  3. Cees van der Leeuw

    I’m missing information on the 7PRG (Sq. 13,14, 22 and 27) as they al;so have been a part of the 8th. They have been opertaing the Mount Farm (UK) from end 1943 until 1945.
    They flew P-38 -F5’s (unarmed and only equiped with camera’s) or Spitfres.
    Would like to see this added to this website aswell.
    It is very difficult to find any of the many thousands of pictures they have made over their period of operation. Any one who knows where they are stored?

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