Index of E and E Reports, #249-319

Index of E and E Reports, #249-319

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  1. Patricia Martin

    E&E report #298 is incorrect. The bomb group was the 385th, 548 SQ, not 544. The 385th did not have a #544 squadron. The squadrons were 548, 549, 550, 551. I know this because my father was the co-pilot on the October 9, 1943 mission where Glyndon Bell was the escapee.

  2. My husbands grandparents were part of the Dutch resistance-living in Friesland, swoude-they helped 3 airmen. Their names were Boa van der Meulen, and M. Allema. As his parents have passed away we are still interested in learning more about the airmen. Thanks

    Dear Ms Andrews,

    After the Liberation, Allied Military Intelligence advertised in the Dutch newspapers requesting that each person who aided an Allied airman complete a questionnaire (vragenlijst) and submit it to them. See the following page on this website for a description of its contents:

    On my website I have posted lists of Dutch helpers of Allied airmen. If you go to you will find further information on both the American and British lists that are posted on the website. See in particular the page on the American list of helpers at Note that the helpers are in categories as to the level of help they provided airmen, varying from a Grade 1 for the head of a major escape line to Grades 5 and 6 for those who provided a modest amount of help. I found no references to your husband’s grandparents, M. Allema or Boa van der Meulen in the British Index to Helpers but in the US Index, Grade 5, I found an Alle Allema and a Pieter E. Allema, both at the same address in Suawoude (Suwald). Since it is such a small town, they may be related to the M. Allema you are searching for. You will want to do a more thorough search of both indexes in case I missed a listing of your husband’s family.

    In all probability there are helper files on Alle and Pieter Allema at National Archives II (NAII) in College Park, Maryland. You can contact them as follows:

    National Archives at College Park – Textual Reference (RDT2)
    National Archives at College Park
    8601 Adelphi Road
    College Park, MD 20740-6001
    Phone: 301-837-3510
    Fax: 301-837-1752

    The helper files, in addition to having copies of their vragenlijst, may have additional correspondence and documents that will be helpful to you. The vragenlijst may have the names of the airmen helped, who the helpers received the airmen from and who they passed the airmen to, i.e., other helpers, and you can order copies of their helper files.

    The British National Archives very likely has much the same records but I am not as familiar with them as with those at NAII.

    For further suggestions on researching aid to an airman, see the following page:

    Once you have a copy of their helper files, you will likely find the names of airmen they helped and you can order the airmen’s escape and evasion reports from NAII. The escape and evasion files of airmen are available from NAII online where you can read them and print them out. See for instructions. For further advice on researching the airmen helped, see

    Best wishes,
    Bruce Bolinger

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