Allied Airmen on the Phantom Train

The following list of 53 Allied airmen who were imprisoned on the Phantom Train, also known as the Nazi Ghost Train, owes its existence to several people.  According to researcher David Grosvenor, he first saw a version of the list in a newsletter of the Air Forces Escape and Evasion Society.  He thinks the late Anne Brusselmans, one of the key helpers to Allied airmen, compiled the original version of the list.  Then it was expanded on by five escape and evasion researchers, David Grosvenor, Keith Janes, Michael LeBlanc, Ed Reniére and Walter Verstraeten.  My thanks to David, Michael, and Walter for permission to reproduce the list here and to Ed Reniére for bringing to my attention the latest corrections (November 2011).

  • Auda, Robert F.
  • Babcock, Ford W.
  • Beamish, N.R.
  • Blair, Harry J.
  • Bodey, Lancelot R.
  • Bomar, Hugh C.
  • Bradley, John J.
  • Brown, John W.
  • Brown, Roy C. (Can)
  • Cleveland, Robert
  • Conrad, James
  • Cozzens, Wallis O.
  • Cunningham, William F/O
  • Dykes, James R.
  • Elliott, W.J.
  • Gottlieb, Max
  • Grosvenor, William D.
  • Harris, Stephen B.
  • Herschler, Robert
  • Hillis, Charles C., III
  • Holcomb, Kenneth P.
  • Hutchinson, Lester
  • Junkin, Raymond
  • Kleinmann, Theodore H.
  • Larsen, R.D.
  • Leslie, Stuart MacKenzie
  • Levey, James G.
  • Louks, Dale S.
  • Lynch, Ralph J.
  • McGillvary, Royce F.
  • McSweeney, Kevin W.
  • Mason, William, Sgt.
  • Meredith, J.T.
  • Muir, Maurice
  • Murphy, J.W.N., Sgt.
  • Muse, William R.
  • Panzer, Leon (Can)
  • Piarote, Robert J.
  • Ryckman, William G.
  • Sanders, Alfred M.L.
  • Singleton, J.H.
  • Smith, Harold
  • Smith, Ray
  • Smith, Thomas P.
  • Spence, Cecil D.
  • Swanson, Donald H.
  • Terzian, Jack
  • Thurmeier, Joseph J. (sic, see Thurmeier, Jacob J.)
  • Tuttle, Frederick
  • Wagner, James M.
  • Willey, Harold
  • Williams, Clifford
  • Wolcott, Henry W., III

Research:  Walter Verstraeten,  Michael LeBlanc and David Grosvenor © 2001

The Sept. 1996 newsletter of the Air Forces Escape and Evasion Society (AFEES) carried the following story, “Five airmen jumped off the Phantom Train”:


AFEES newsletter Sept 1996





8 responses to “Allied Airmen on the Phantom Train

  1. Neil A.Singleton

    J H Singleton was my uncle He died the 13th may 2013 at 93 years old in Orlando, Florida

  2. Neil A. Singleton/ please call 229-242-9542

    Jessica your grandfather never talked about his war experiences. Me and my brother wayne did research. My dad Virgil, his brother, witch died 13 days after you grandfather, only knew certain details.

  3. Neil A. Singleton/ please call 229-242-9542

    Who’s is your Dad Jessica?

  4. A Michael Sanders

    My father , Alfred M L Sanders, was a B24 pilot. he escaped from the ghost train and found refuge on the Dutch river barge “Irwin” . I do not know which night he escaped. hIs friend lt Wollcot stayed on the train and waited to be released

  5. I would like to make a correction to the list. “Joseph J. Thurmeier” should read “Jacob J. Thurmeier” (my grandfather).
    Thank you for the correction.The change has been made. Bruce Bolinger, webmaster.

  6. Have letters from “Jake” to my Dad – Ford Babcock.

    John Babcock

  7. Neil A. Singleton

    ONE WAY TICKET TO BERLIN Has just came out in paperback written by JOHN MEURS. JH SINGLETON Has a section written my my Cousin Nancy Wheeler daughter of JH Singleton and her Husband Reid Wheeler. Neil A. Singleton

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