Engelandvaarders (Dutch Patriots to England)

The Engelandvaarders were the Dutch patriots who wanted to get to England to continue the fight against the Nazis.  Many lost their lives in the process.  Here are some links on the subject:

For more on this website on the subject of Engelandvaarders, click here.  To see a list of Engelandvaarders helped by the Smit-Van der Heijden Line, click here.

2 responses to “Engelandvaarders (Dutch Patriots to England)

  1. Sir, as the son of Engelandvaarder. C.P.K. “Flip” Winckel, whose filmed rescue by RAF High Speed Rescue Launch 185 you show below, I thank you for highlighting this aspect of WW2. Borre Winckel, San Juan Capistrano, California, USA.

  2. dcuring the 2 war we hat 2 persons in hiding in veendam langeleegte an james sidneyp.ercival came out of hiding after the warr and went tu the U.K FAM. MOLOG

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