Lecture on Pre-Capture Training


During my trip in May 2014 to National Archives II in College Park, Maryland, one of the many interesting documents I found was a Lecture on Pre-Capture Training (As Delivered July-August 1944).  Consisting of 26 pages which are reproduced below, it also contains seven illustrative stories.   The lecture provides advice on what a Prisoner of War should do if captured, from the immediate period after capture to the time spent in the prisoner-of-war camps.  The lecture appears to have been well-received because the copy of the lecture in the file was accompanied by several letters of commendation, two of which I have reproduced below, immediately prior to the lecture.  The seven stories in the lecture appear on the following pages: #1 and #2 (p. 19), #3 (“The Nuisance Committee”) (p. 20), #4 (p. 21), #5 (p. 22), #6 (p. 23), and #7 (p. 25).

The copy of the lecture was found in a file entitled “I.S.9 (WEA) American, 15 Nov. 1944”  located in the stacks of the Textual Research Room at National Archives II (National Archives and Records Administration) at stack location RG 498, UD 150: G2 Section, MIS-X Section, History of I.S.9, 1943-44, Container 605.

Letters of Commendation

Letters of commendation


Lecture on Pre-Capture Training

Lecture on pre-capture training entire document

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