The following name(s) were compiled from the list at The National Archives of the U.K. of Dutch helpers of Allied airmen and other military personnel during World War II who were trying to evade capture by the Germans.  The names have been sorted by city and town.  For a further discussion of the list and caveats relating to its use, click here.
  • Barends, B., Werkenmondschestr 22                              (5)
  • Barendsen, Pieter, Achterweg 24                                     (5)
  • Bosman, H., Erkentrudestr 3                                              (5)
  • v. Buul, Joh, Erkentrudestr 1                                           (5)
  • Dicke, C.H., Math. Belenstr 7                                             (5) [Footnote #1]
  • v. Duuren, Kars, Transvaalstr 12                                       (4)
  • Dijkhuizen, Roelf, Singel 196                                             (nil)
  • Gratama, J.W., Singel 63                                                     (5)
  • Van Gijzen, Johannes, van Baerlestr 20                         (5)
  • Van Hillo, A., Acterhakkers 1                                             (5)
  • Hordijk, nor first name listed, Groenmarkt 15           (nil)
  • Koopmans, Eeuwke, Cie Gezahstroepen  5                   (5) [Footnote #2]
  • v.d. Ley, Ivan Johannes, Vantyplantsoen 7                 (3) [Footn0te #3]
  • Oversier, C.L., Burg de Raadsingel 5                                (5)
  • Oversier-de Visser, Greta Mrs., Oranjepark 10            (nil)
  • Prins, H., Breitnerstr 30   (father)                                  (5) [Footnote #4]
  • Prins, Kees, Breitnerstr 30   (son)                                   (5 post)
  • Pullen, Adriaan, Nicolaastr 1                                             (5)
  • Rombout, Johannes, Ijsselstr 42                                       (2)
  • Sanderse, Dringenis, v. Manderstr 18                                           (5 post)
  • Schouten, Mr. and Mrs., Café Confordia                    (nil) [Footnote #5]
  • Swenne, A.C., v. Manderstr 18                                          (5 post)
  • Tomesen, Harry H., A de Gelderstr 4                               (5)
  • v. Twist, G., Toulanschelaan 23    (5, award cancelled) [Footnote #6]
  • de Vries, Kasper, v. Manderstr 26                                    (5)
  • van Wyngaarden, Marinus, Koningin Wilhelminastr (3)

The following corrections and additions to the above list were submitted by Kees Robbemond (Bureau J.O.T.) of Dordrecht. 

Footnote #1: The Dicke family was a well-known Resistance family.  Their home on Prinsenstraat was burned down by the Germans because of their Resistance activities.

Footnote #2: Spelling is probably Gezachtstroepen.

Footnote #3: Spelling is probably Wantijplantsoen.

Footnote #4: An American airman was hidden by the Prins family that lived on Breitner Street.  Through betrayal, the house was raided.  The father, mother, and son Kees were arrested and imprisoned in Scheveningen.  Kees was taken to Germany and never heard from again.  The daughter, Corrie, who was at a neighbor’s house, was able to warn her other brother, who lived on Van Slingeland Laan.  He escaped.  The Breitner St. house was destroyed by hand grenades and set on fire.

Footnote #5: Most likely this was Café Concordia but it was not in Dordrecht.

Footnote #6: Van Twist was the owner of a garage and among the top leaders of the Resistance.  However, there was some controversy regarding him.  He later became an aide to Prince Bernhard.

One response to “Dordrecht

  1. Kees Oversier jr

    Cornelis en Greet Oversier hebben 14 dagen de Amerikaanse piloot Grover P Parker in hun huis gehad. Ze woonden toen aan de Achterweg. Ook hebben ze en gedeserteerde Poolse soldaat in huis gehad. Oversier was ook actief in de ondergronds onder de schuilnaam Cor.

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