Phantom Train (Ghost Train)

  • Commission de l’Historique de la Résistance, Livre d’Or de la Résistance Belge, Brussels: Les Editions Leclercq, n.d.
  • Cooper, Alan W., Free to Fight Again, RAF Escapes and Evasion, 1940-45, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire: William Kimber & Co., 1988.
  • Lokker, Claude, Des bâtons dans les Roues, Brussels: Robert Bergman, 1985. (150th anniversary of Belgian RR’s.  Chapter on Phantom Train.)
  • Lynn, Vera, Unsung Heroines: The Women who Won the War, London: Sidgwick & Jackson, 1990.  (Pages 127-128 contain an account of the Phantom Train.)
  • Rigby, Françoise, In Defiance, London: Elek Books, 1960.  (Chapter on the Nazi Ghost Train.)
  • Suhl, Yuri, They Fought Back, the Story of Jewish Resistance in Nazi Europe, New York: Schocken Books, 1975.

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