Evasion of Tom Applewhite

This part of the website includes the following materials:

  • A listing of the members of the crew of the B-17, “The Wild Hare,” and a photo of some of the crew in front of the plane.  “The Wild Hare” was shot down 11 November 1943.  It was Aircraft No. 42-30795 of the 548th Bomb Squadron, 385th Bomb Group.
  • A list of other airmen who evaded with Tom Applewhite.
  • An illustrated description of Tom’s evasion of capture.
  • Two short stories, “The Bicycle” and “Three Wise Men from the West,” by Jan Naaijkens, featuring an airman by the name of Tom Applewhite.
  • Award of the Distinguished Flying Cross.
  • Map of the original part of Tom’s escape route.
  • Mission Report, 385th Bomb Group, 11 Nov. 1943.
  • Tom’s escape and evasion report (EE-324).
  • For a history of the development of the famous “silk maps” used by airmen plus a photo, click here.
  • Briefing at Five,” a poem written by Tom Applewhite in 1943 that appeared in Communications, the publication of the Air Forces Escape and Evasion Society.
  • “Tom got to freedom, the hard way, ” an article about the evasion of Tom Applewhite as it appeared in The Air Forces Escape and Evasion Society Summer 2007 Communications, vol. 19, no. 2, June 2007, pg. 20.
  • A Dutch article on Tom Applewhite, “Tom Applewhite, de studenten en de ondergang van de vluchtlijn,” which appeared in 2004 in the journal of the historical society of Hilvarenbeek, The Netherlands.
  • A list of people who helped Tom Applewhite from when he was shot down on 11 November 1943 to when he arrived in Gibraltar 11 January 1944.
  • A roster of the crew list of the Norwegian ship, The Lisbeth, which carried Tom and four other airmen, hidden in the ship’s propeller shaft compartment, to Gibraltar.  In addition, there are photos of the ship; the captain, Einar Apeland; and First Radio Officer Jimmy Tai.
  • Announcement of a concert to be held in memory of Tom Applewhite and Peek de Noo, the helper who hid him for the first few nights.

To see other material related to Tom Applewhite, use the drop down menus under the heading, “Evasion of Tom Applewhite.”

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