The following name(s) were compiled from the list at The National Archives of the U.K. of Dutch helpers of Allied airmen and other military personnel during World War II who were trying to evade capture by the Germans.  The names have been sorted by city and town.  For a further discussion of the list and caveats relating to its use, click here.
  • Bouwhuis, Gerrit, Collendoorn L31                                 (5)
  • Bouwhuis, Gerrit Jan, C198 Bergentheim                     (6)
  • Breukelmen, Hendrik, Brink A35                                      (6)
  • Ten Brink, Hendrik, Ommerweg A152                            (6)
  • Ten Brinke, Hendrikus, Heemserveen 30                       (5)
  • Buitenhuis, Roelof, Heemserveen N33                          (5)
  • Dam, Willem, Lutten P98                                                    (nil)
  • Van Engbrink, Johan, B215, Brukterveld                       (5)
  • v. Engelenhoven, Pieter, Bergentheim C147                (5)
  • Eskes, Dirk, Hoogeweg B165                                              (4 post)
  • Eskes-Buis, Nelly M., B165                                                  (5)
  • v. Faassen, Arie, Slagharen S92                                         (5)
  • v. Faassen, Hendrik, Slagharen S92                                 (5)
  • Goris, Frederik, Heemse A61a                                           (5)
  • Grotenhuis, Gerrit, Bruchterweg B30                              (5)
  • Hofsink, Herman Vendrik, De Brand A103                    (5)
  • Hofsink, Lukas, Ommerweg O-108                                   (5)
  • Ter Horst, Johannes, Sibculo D108a                                (5)
  • De Jong, Anne, Bergentheim C131                                  (6)
  • Klein, Gerrit Jan, Heemserveen N7                                  (6)
  • Klement, Hendrik, Heemse A108                                     (5)
  • v. Laar, Hendrik, Lutten P120                                             (6)
  • Lankkamp, Theodore Lambertus, Rheezerveen          (5)
  • Meyer, Harm, Wilhelminastr A184                                (5)
  • Middendorp, Zwaantinus, Havenburg.A1b                  (5)
  • v. Mildert, Philippus, Bergentheim C147                       (nil)
  • Muis, Martin, Bergentheim C159                                     (nil)
  • Muis, Roelof, Bruchterveld B210                                      (6)
  • Mulder, Arend Eilt, C144 Bergentheim                          (5)
  • Nijhuis, Klaas, Lutten D28                                                   (5)
  • Oord, Jan, Bergentheim C295                                            (5)
  • v. Oorschot, Johan, Heemse A86                                      (5)
  • Overweg, Hendrik, Heemse A128                                     (6)
  • Overweg, Jan H., Heemse A165b                                      (6)
  • Petter, Hendrik, R138 de Krurin                                        (nil)
  • v.d. Poll, Jan Harm, Colendorn 2-6                                  (6)
  • Post, Johannes, Hessenweg A65                                       (6)
  • Prenger, Berend Jan, B179                                                  (6)
  • Prenger, Dirk Jan, Sibulco D117a                                      (6)
  • Prenger, Jennige, Hardenbergerveld C49                      (6)
  • Pullen, Jan Hendriks, Collendoorn I-44a                        (6)
  • Solomons, Geert, Bergentheim 322                                (5 post)
  • Solomons, Geert, Bergentheim 325                                (5)
  • Schutte, Egbert, Heemse A123                                          (5)
  • Slomp-ter Kate, T., Heemse A106                                     (5)
  • v.d. Sluis, Willem, Bergentheim C318c                           (5 post)
  • Smit, Willem, Rheezerveen O16                                       (6)
  • Snijders, Albert, Brucht B59                                               (6)
  • Stad, Johanna Egberdina, C20 Bergentheim                (5)
  • Stegeman, Jan H., Collendoorn M7                                 (6)
  • Stoel, A., Bergentheim C132a                                            (5)
  • Theisens, Geert, Bergentheim C299a                              (5)
  • Timmerman, Albert, Bergentheim C96                          (5 post)
  • Trip, Harm, Kloosterdijk D1                                                (6)
  • Vasse, Hendrikus, Kerkstr 163a                                         (6)
  • Waterink, Gerrit Jan, Ebbenbroek K30                           (nil)
  • Weerts, Albertus, Kloosterhaar 88                                   (5)
  • Westerveld, Egbert, Sibenle D39                                      (6)
  • Wind, Hendrik, R114 De Krim                                            (5)
  • Wittenbrinker, Walter, Heemse A130a                          (6)

3 responses to “Hardenberg

  1. Pieter de Ruiter

    ik weet niet precies hoe deze site werkt. maar ik ben op zoek naar informatie over de rol van mijn opa Hendrik Klement A108

  2. I suggest you review the suggestions for research at https://wwii-netherlands-escape-lines.com/faqs/faqs-resistance/ on this website. Most likely there is a file on Mr. Klement at the National Archives II in College Park, Maryland near Washington, D.C. compiled by Allied Military Intelligence after the Liberation. Although the National Archives plans to scan and place online all the helper files that may be take awhile. In the meantime you can either order a copy of the file from the Archives or enlist a professional researcher to copy it for you. One such researcher is Gene Buck, ebuck43@aol.com. The “5” after Mr. Klement’s name indicates he was a Grade 5, the most common level of aid to Allied airmen. (A Grade 1 would be for a person who led a major escape line.)

  3. Jutta van der Kuijp

    Hello, I am trying to research my uncle Frans Barent Westerveld (born Aug. 17, 1921). I understand that he was active in the dutch resistance and family lore has it that he escaped to the UK and worked on special projects between England and the Netherlands on behalf of the British Military. I was hoping that your research may have found him? Thank you for any assistance you can offer. Best, Jutta van der Kuijp

    Dear Jutta,

    I searched the following sources for “Barent” and “Westerveld”.
    (1) The British Index to Dutch helpers for both the Barent and Westerveld names but found nothing (see https://wwii-netherlands-escape-lines.com/helpers-of-allied-airmen/dutch-helper-list/index-to-dutch-helpers-of-allied-personnel/).
    (2) I began searching the American index but there are so many groupings I will leave it to you to check them (see https://wwii-netherlands-escape-lines.com/helpers-of-allied-airmen/dutch-helper-list/u-s-national-archives-list-of-dutch-helpers/).
    (3) Frans Kluiters’ Dutch Agents, 1940-1945. No listing under either name.
    (4) The index to Recipients of the Resistance Memorial Cross (https://wwii-netherlands-escape-lines.com/resistance-memorial-cross/) but all I found were
    three Westervelds (Carel, Hyman, and Cleton). (See https://wwii-netherlands-escape-lines.com/resistance-memorial-cross/).
    (5) The index to helpers of Allied airmen on the website of the Air Forces Escape and Evasion Society but found no listing. (See https://airforceescape.org/newsletters/index-to-newsletters/index-to-helpers/). Of course, your uncle’s activities may not have involved shot down airmen. Also the index is still under construction.
    (6) The index to newspaper articles at NIOD, the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation. The closest there was to his name was a “Barents”. (See https://www.niod.nl/sites/niod.nl/files/KnipselcollectieNIOD.pdf.)

    There is another page on my website, “What Did My Father, Mother, etc. Do in the Resistance?”, at https://wwii-netherlands-escape-lines.com/faqs/faqs-resistance/, which lists many other sources worth checking.

    Best wishes,
    Bruce Bolinger

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