Photographs of the Antagonists

The following photo is from the Belgian WWII archive, CEGESOMA.  From left to right, the two oldest prisoners on the Phantom Train, Father Godts and Louis Foulon (a French citizen), are congratulating the railway men Louis Verheggen (engineer) and Léon Pouchet (fireman), who were instrumental in saving the prisoners. (Les deux doyens d’âge des prisonniers du “Train fantôme”, l’abbé Godts, curé de Maransart, et Louis Foulon, président de la Chambre de Commerce française, félicitent leurs sauveteurs Louis Verheggen et Léon Pochet.)  My thanks to Prosper Vandenbroucke for sharing the photo with me.

Richard Jungclaus was the SS general selected by Heinrich Himmler to rule Belgium.  It was Jungclaus who ordered the prisoners shipped to Germany and almost certain death.  He is shown below in photos also from CEGESOMA:

Addressing a Nazi rally:

Shown at far left walking with associates:

Congratulating the troops:

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