The following name(s) were compiled from the list at The National Archives of the U.K. of Dutch helpers of Allied airmen and other military personnel during World War II who were trying to evade capture by the Germans.  The names have been sorted by city and town.  For a further discussion of the list and caveats relating to its use, click here.
  • Bekkers, H.J., ‘t Hoekske                                          (6)
  • Van Boxtel, Johannes, Stationsplein 6                  (6)
  • Dekker, Klaas, Ons Doelstr. 13                                (3)
  • Dekker, Roelof, Molenstr. 94                                  (5)
  • v. Dijk, Arnoldus J.A., Hal 31                                    (6)
  • v. Erp, Johan, Luisel 7                                               (5)
  • Eykelboom, W.J.J., Huise Eigie, Molenwyk 40     (nil)
  • Eykmans, Hendrikus, Lennishuevel 112                (6)
  • Francissen, W.C.A., Gemeenhuis                           (6)
  • Gaajetaan, Joseph, Klooster, St. Theresia            (6)
  • Van den Ham, A., Kampina                                     (5)
  • Van den Ham, Jan, Kampina                                   (5)
  • Van den Huevel, Fr., Lennishuevel 88                   (5)
  • Van Houtum, J.W., Kleinderliemde 24                  (6)
  • De Jong, Johannes M., Mijlstr. 22                          (6)
  • De Jong, Jos, Mijlstr. 22                                            (6)
  • De Jong, Josephus, Mijlstr. 22                                 (5)
  • Katan, Louis M., le Pijnackerstr. 141                      (nil)
  • Kurstjens, L.A., Leunishuevel                                   (6)
  • Kwant, Jan, Ons Doelstr. 8                                       (6)
  • v.d. Laar, W.J., Rechtestr. 15                                   (5)
  • v.d. Meyden, Franciscus, Café 4 Hoekske             (6)
  • v.d. Meyden, Gerard, Stationsplein 11                 (5)
  • Meyer, W.O., Luisel 18                                             (5)
  • Nestelaar, A. Joh., van Hoornstr. 25                      (nil)
  • Nijkraken, H.A., Kasteel Stepalen                           (5)
  • v. Oerle, Wijbe Joh., Bosschweg 82                       (6)
  • Peters, Father, St. Thereasia Mission House        (5)
  • Smits, P.J., Molenstr. 12                                           (6)
  • Vorstenbosch, Nicolaas J., Lennishuevel 35         (6)
  • De Weert, A., Tongeren 52                                      (5)
  • v. Zeeland, M., Molenstr. 94                                   (5

5 responses to “Boxtel

  1. corne de jong

    De Jong, Johannes M., Mijlstraat 22, Boxtel, was my father. I’m proud to see his name on this list. The address doesn’t exist anymore. It was a farmhouse which was demolished to build an industrial park.

  2. In adition to my earlier comment i would like to add that De Jong , Jos, Mijlstraat 22 was my grandfather and De Jong Josephus, Mijlstraat 22 was my uncle Sjef. My father Johannes M and my uncle Josephus both became police-officers in the Netherlands. My uncle Josephus (Sjef) died in a car-accident in 1975. My father died in 2002 and my grandfather in 1960.
    Corne de Jong

    • Was your Grandfather with the Dutch Underround in Sept 1944? My father, Flt Officer Arthur Moss and his crew crash landed his CG4A glider by Boxtel and was saved by the Underground. I have Christmas cards signed a De Jong, and was told that he may have been a Policeman.
      Bill Moss (New Hampshire, USA)

  3. r ,dekker ,m van zeeland .were my parents, of which i am very proud,
    they have done a lot in the war, and it is a pity that my father died so early, but they have told the children a lot of stories, and many times there were also the people who went into hiding back in boxtel, even after life from my father we went with the old warriors to the place where they have been for 6 weeks, and this should never be forgotten,

    • My name is William Moss and I believe your father helped hide my father, Flt Officer Art Moss and his crew after he crash landed their CG4A glider near Boxtel, Sept 23 1944 (Approx) I have some Christmas cards for the the late 1940’s and 50’s, possibly from your Dad.

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