The document below about help given to Sgt. Phillip Leonard Pepper by four German women, Mrs. Riedl, Miss Pompetzki, Mrs. Heckenleichtner, and Mrs. Hellmeier in Munich from March 1943 to May 1945 is all that I found at National Archives II about German helpers of Allied airmen.  But it certainly is intriguing.  The source for citation purposes is UD163: Records re Polish, Swiss, Danish, Yugoslav and German Helpers, 1945-1946, Box 626, Location: 290/55/22/2.  Following it see the M.I.9 report on Sgt. Pepper.

Sgt. Pepper helped by four German women

Thanks to researcher John Clinch, we also have Sgt. Pepper’s M.I.9/S/P.G. (G) report 3014., shown below, which goes into some detail about his experiences.

Page 1


Page 2


Page 3


If anyone has any information to add to the above, I would like to hear from them.



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