The Danish helper list of World War II, photographed at the National Archives, Kew, London, by John Howes, consists of some 40 images organized into two website pages as shown below followed by another website page containing nine pages of miscellaneous listings that include the date and place of birth and, sometimes, more complete addresses and more middle names.  (Be sure to see the links at the bottom of this page to a Danish website on evaded airmen.)  Note that the correct citation as to the source of the list of Danish helpers at The National Archives of the UK is WO 208/5464 – Denmark.

Note that Danish has three letters that are not used in the English alphabet: ø, æ, and ä.  They will appear at the end of the alphabet, such as Ø in the Larsen to Østrup page, with Østrup appearing after Westergaard.  Anglicization of such names may have you looking in the wrong place, such as under “O” when you should be looking under “Ø”.

Use the following links to proceed to the part of the alphabet that is of interest to you.

The following memo provides a count of persons by award grade.  Note that the sole person who was grade two was Leif Bøving Hendil and the only person who was grade three was Anthon Jensen, alias Anthon Toldstrup.  The total adds up to 688.


See also the following Danish websites that may nicely complement these lists:

Also, within this website, is a report containing escape and evasion advice for men shot down within Denmark.

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