The Wild Hare

“The Wild Hare” was based at Great Ashfield, England.  For further information about the airfield, see:

It was shot down 11 November 1943 between the village of Hedikuizen and the town of Heusden east of the city of  ‘s-Hertogenbosch (also known as Den Bosch) in the province of Brabant, The Netherlands.

Members of the crew were:

Pilot – John P. McGowan

Co-Pilot – James C. Bufkin

Navigator – Ellis Shorb

Bombardier – Thomas Applewhite

Top Turret Gunner – Nello Malavasi

Radio Operator/Gunner – James C. French

Ball Turret Gunner – Vernon L. Mulvaney

Tail Gunner – Robert D. Johnson

Left Waist Gunner – William J. Bloeser

Right Waist Gunner – Anthony T. Barckett

A photo taken in England of “The Wild Hare” shows the plane, some of the crew, and a group of English cadets:

“The Wild Hare,” Oct. 31, 1943. Front row from l-r: McGowan, Bufkin, Applewhite, cadet scoutmaster, McMahon, Malavasi, and French

One response to “The Wild Hare

  1. That’s my Pop on the bottom left, Pilot John P. McGowan.

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