Newspaper Archives, Obituaries, City Directories

  • Associated Press Collection:  According to the press release announcing the availability of this collection, it involves one million AP stories from 1937-1985.  One must be a subscriber to access the collection but many libraries have subscriptions and users can access the stories without charge.
  • Chicago Tribune:  According to one genealogy service, as of August 2015, this was the beta version and won’t last forever, just until they launch 1.0 when you will have to purchase a Digital Plus membership.   The issues start in 1849 with spotty coverage until 1857 (after which full issues are available) and coverage goes to 1991.  (More recent Tribune articles are available through another Tribune service explained in the FAQs.)
  • National Library of The Netherlands (Koninklijke Bibliothek Historische Kranten) newspaper database:

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