Netherlands – King Kong

After the Smit-van der Heijden Line was penetrated by the Germans, Karst Smit went into hiding.  Elsje Boon, a student at the University of Leiden and head of a student escape line that had worked with Karst, invited him to join a new escape line where he would be responsible for the portion from Bordeaux to the Pyrenees.  Bored with inactivity, he immediately accepted.  Assigned to work closely with Christian Lindemans, known as “King Kong,” Karst was one of many betrayed by Lindemans.  Some writers have attributed the debacle at Arnhem to intelligence delivered by Lindemans to the Germans, but it appears unlikely.  When Karst visited Lindemans in prison after the war, Lindemans denied having anything to do with what happened at Arnhem.

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