World War II Underground Newspapers (Clandestine Press)

One response to “World War II Underground Newspapers (Clandestine Press)

  1. My name is Brian Poole, I am a American working in Zaventem Belgium. I am staying at a place called OM that at one time was a Paper factory in Zaventem. I am looking into the possibility that this factory was used during the WWI or WW II The original name was Rattenmollen and later was called Zaventem Paper Mill. if you have anything that would help my research it would be much appreciated.

    Ed Renière replied as follows:

    The paper mill in the Rattemolen was built in 1900 as the second paper works operated in the vicinity by the “De Naamloze Maatschappij der Papierfabrieken van Saventhem” – in French : “La Société Anonyme des Papeteries de Saventhem”.
    It is more than probable that the mill was used by the Germans to produce paper for their own publications, propaganda or otherwise.

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