Songs of WWII

The following is an assortment of WWII songs, not in any particular order and by no means comprehensive.  I welcome suggestions for additions.  At a used book store in the UK I found the following book, Great Songs of World War II, London: Wave Publications, n.d.  The first 95 pages have the heading, The Home Front in Pictures, written and edited by Michael Leitch.  The remaining 84 pages set forth 32 songs with music and lyrics, compiled by Peter Foss and Ann Munday.

Amber Express Collection (Billie Holiday – I’ll Be Seeing You in All the Old Familiar Places; Andrews Sisters: Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B,  Peggy Lee – Waiting for the Train to Come In; Bing Crosby –  I’ll Be Home for Christmas):

Vera Lynn

Gracie Fields

Kay Kyser

Bing Crosby

Andrews Sisters

Louis Jordan

Rosemary Clooney

Marlene Dietrich

Al Bowlly

Harry Kaye

Kate Smith

Lyrics of Popular Songs of WWII

Lyrics for Harvest Moon, Working on the Railroad, I Want a Girl, Beer Barrel Polka, Army Air Corps, Caissons Go Rolling Along, It’s a Grand Old Flag, Sentimental Journey,  and Chattanooga Choo Choo.

UK Marching Song

Army Air Corps Song (“Wild Blue Yonder”)

Partisan Songs

Scotland the Brave

Sam Browne


One response to “Songs of WWII

  1. Wil Pelletier

    the title of the song MISSING IN ACTION Don’t know who put it out or sang it I cant seem to find it . I thought may be you could find it. I herd it before a long time ago; cant find it any where.

    Reply by webmaster: I found a video on YouTube at, a song entitled “Missing in Action by” Ernest Tubb. The lyrics are:

    The warship had landed and night come ashore
    The fighting was over for me ever more
    For I had been wounded they left me forget
    A stone for my pillow and snow for my bed
    The enemy found me and took me away and made me a prisoner of war so they say
    But God in his mercy was with me one day the gate was left open and I ran away
    I returned to the old home my sweet wife to see
    The home I had built for my darling and me
    The door I then opened and there on the stand I saw a picture of her and the man
    The clothes she was wearing told me the sad tale
    My darling was wearing a new bridal veil
    Then I found a letter and these words I read missing in action she thought I was dead
    So I kissed her picture and whispered goodbye
    My poor heart was breaking but my eyes were dry
    I knew it was too late for her now to learn
    I knew she must never know I had returned
    A vagabond dreamer forever I’ll roam
    Because there was no one to welcome me home
    The face of my darling no more I shall see for missing in action forever I’ll be
    Songwriters: Arthur Q. Smith / Helen Kaye
    Missing in Action lyrics © Peermusic Publishing

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