The following sub-pages list the L-names of French helpers of Allied airmen.  Each sub-page contains approximately 20 pages of L-names. The L-sub-pages are as listed below and can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate listing.  Note that the image of a page can be enlarged by clicking on it once and enlarged further by clicking on it again.  Use the back arrow to return to the original images.

2 responses to “L-Names

  1. Philippe Lhuerre


    my uncle Robert is listed with the surname L’HUERRE, but the right spelling is LHUERRE (without comma).
    What does Nil mean, in column grade?

  2. Thank you for pointing out the spelling error. Your comment is now part of my website. For an explanation of “NIL”, go to https://wwii-netherlands-escape-lines.com/govt-reports/history-of-the-holland-office-6801-mis-x-det/, scroll down to the second memorandum, dated 28 June 1946, continue scrolling down to page 10 where you will find an explanation. (Even though the memo is dealing specifically with Holland, I believe the explanation applies equally to other formerly Nazi-occupied countries.) “NIL” can be used for several different reasons. If you order a copy of your uncle’s helper file from National Archives II in College Park, Maryland, there may be a file on him in which you may find a reason given. For information on using the National Archives, see https://wwii-netherlands-escape-lines.com/research/national-archives-research/. For information on hiring a professional researcher to search for his file, see https://wwii-netherlands-escape-lines.com/research/national-archives-research/hiring-a-professional-researcher/.

    Bruce Bolinger

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