Book Publishers – World War II Subjects

For visitors to this website who might find it useful, I have compiled the following list of over 100 publishers of books relating to World War II.  These publishing companies vary greatly, from publishers who may have published only one book on the subject to those who specialize in it.  If you have any suggestions for corrections or additions to the list, please contact me.  If you have a manuscript on WWII that you are seeking to have published, most websites will have advice on submissions.  However, you may be well-advised to seek a literary agent.  (For a searchable database of literary agents, see  See also the Literary Market Place,, for lists of literary agents and to search for publishers by subject matter.   For links to articles on the consolidation of the book publishing industry, see the end of the list.
Categories of Publishers
I originally listed the publishers in alphabetical order but the list became unwieldy because of its length.  I reorganized it according to the type of publisher in order to make it easier to find the type of publisher that would best meet a would-be author’s needs.  I have created the following categories: (1) Presses Specializing in Military History and WWII, (2) University Presses, (3) Independent Publishers, (4) Foreign Publishers (i.e., not U.S.-based, most of which are either British or Canadian), and (5) Major Publishers and Their Imprints.  There will be some overlap between Independent Publishers and Foreign Publishers and between Presses Specializing in Military History and WWII and Foreign Publishers.
Presses Specializing in Military History and WWII
  • Stackpole Books:  Their website says they are “a  trade book publisher with a proud, 80+ year history of publishing titles in the categories of Outdoors, Crafts, and History.”  They have a long list of WWII books.
University Presses in the U.S.
A potentially useful source of information would be the Association of American University Presses at  According to their website, AAUP “produces an annual print Directory which contains a guide to presses publishing in various subject areas, editorial profiles of each press, and contact information for publishing staff.”  There may be more university presses that publish books on WWII than I have identified below.

Independent Publishers

For general information on independent publishers, see the Independent Book Publishers Association at

  • Arcadia Publishing:
  • Bloomsbury Publishing:  It published The Bitter Taste of Victory: In the Ruins of the Reich and Coventry: November 14, 1940.
  • Park Chase Press (imprint of Cathedral Foundation Press):  Its website says that it “focuses on books that embrace the human spirit and uphold the dignity of people in all walks of life.”  It also provides self-publishing services.
  • Pelican Publishing Co.:  Its website describes it as family-owned and the “largest independent trade book publisher in the South.”
  • Reedy Press:  According to their website, they co-publish books with schools, museums, and other institutions.

Foreign Publishers (non-U.S.)

  • Amber Books:
  • Bloomsbury Press:  Its website says it is an independent publishing house with companies in London, New York, Sydney, and Delhi.
  • Firefly Books:  (Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada)
  • Fonthill Media:  This publisher, located in Oxford, UK, and Charleston, SC, has a significant emphasis on military subjects.
  • Highgate Publishing:
  • Palgrave Macmillan:  Their website describes the company as “a global academic publisher for scholarship, research, and professional learning.”
  • Uitgeverij (Publisher) A. van den Oord:  Specializes in the history of Brabant Province in The Netherlands, particularly WWII history.
Major Publishers and Their Imprints
  • Lyons Press (see Globe Pequot Press)
  • Penguin Press:  According to its website, Penguin Press was founded in 2003 and is “dedicated to publishing literary nonfiction and select fiction.”   According to a Wikipedia article, “The Penguin Group is a trade book publisher, part of Penguin Random House. It is owned byPearson PLC, the global education and publishing company, and Bertelsmann, the German media conglomerate. The new company was created by a merger that was finalized on July 1, 2013, with Bertelsmann owning 53% of the joint venture, and Pearson controlling the remaining 47%.”
  • Thomas Nelson:  Publishes Bibles and books on inspirational subjects.  Part of Harper Collins Christian Publishing.


  • Bardolf & Company (Sarasota, FL):
  • Park Chase Press (imprint of Cathedral Foundation Press):  Its website says that it “focuses on books that embrace the human spirit and uphold the dignity of people in all walks of life.”  It also provides self-publishing services.


You also may want to explore the option of publishing an ebook.  Consider such services as Scribd, Oyster Books, and  See also the artice, “Kindle Unlimited and the Ongoing Commoditization of Books.”
Consolidation of the Book-Publishing Industry
The consolidation of the book publishing industry is something you will want to keep in mind in seeking a publisher.  Here are some Internet links that may be of interest:
Book Publishing’s Big Gamble,” New York Times, July 9, 2013.
How Mergermania is Destroying Book Publishing,” The Nation, Dec. 17, 2012.
Books new look,” Oct. 30, 2012.
Book Publisher Consolidation,” Oct. 29, 2012.
The Last Book Party,” March 2009.
If you are considering using’s publishing services, you may want to read first the article, “Prominent Editor’s Exit a Setback for Amazon Publishing Unit“, which was published by the New York Times on Nov. 8, 2014.
Partnership Publishing
The November-December 2014 issue of Writer’s Digest contains an article, “A Look at Partnership Publishing,” pp. 42-45.  It may be work looking at.  It involves a combination of the author investing some money but with the publisher providing traditional publishing services, including real editors and real marketing support.  The article mentions six publishers offering the service:

However, the only one of the above that appears to have published anything relating to WWII was with two novels re WWII.

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  1. Seeking a publisher for a friend’s ( Oxford grad ) excellent book on his
    memories of life in the British Royal Navy, patrolling the N. Atlantic in WW2.
    Details to: M. Filer, address below. [M.E. Filer whose email address is filerc at]

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