Mission Report, 385th Bombardment Group, 11 Nov. 1943

The Mission Report is a valuable source of information for someone researching the experience of an airman who was shot down.  I have reproduced the following documents from the Mission Report of Tom Applewhite for 11 Nov. 1943 when his B-17, “The Wild Hare,” A/C No. 42-30795, blew up:

1. Narrative report (two pages), page 1 and page 2

2. Loading List (one page of four pages)

3. Group Formation Flown

4. Take Off and Landing

5. Navigator’s Report

6. Bombardment Group Log

7. Bombardier’s Narrative

8. Bombing Analysis

9.  Map

By comparing the the Bombardment Group Log and the Map, you can see the approximate location of where “The Wild Hare” was shot down.  The Map notations at 1433 and 1455 hours bracket the approximate location at 1440 hours when “The Wild Hare” blows up.  They also provide the formation’s altitude when it was attacked by fighter planes.

19 responses to “Mission Report, 385th Bombardment Group, 11 Nov. 1943

  1. Hello, My Dad is the Ivan Klohe of this article at
    about a Schweinfurt mission, where his first name is misspelled Ivan, when is was actually Ivon.
    He flew various B-17’s of the 385th Bomb Group RAF Great Ashfield England (World War II)
    His mission log shows he went on a similar route as the site on which I am asking, to Munster on 10 October 1943.
    Did any one know him?
    Thank you,
    Kris, his eldest child (son) of 7.

  2. I am reseraching SSGT Gordon E. Worthington Wait Gunner ( Rummans crew member). Do you have the mission report for the 385th Mission 37 on 23rd Nov. 1943 or where could I see/download this ?
    Also, I cannot access pages 2/3/4 of the Loading list for your published mission above (11th Nov 1943). Please advise and/or email me with any information. Thank you for your help

    [I sent Mr. McGowan a copy of the part of the Loading List that he needed.]

  3. Brigid O'Donnell

    Can you advise me how one goes about locating the Mission Report? Is it in a specific record group at NARA? I am researching my father, Lt. Raymond F. Bye, USAAF, pilot of 42-3348 Dottie J III, shot down returning from the Oct. 14, 1943 Schweinfurt raid. He was evadee #287. I would like to secure the Mission Report for that date, as well as for the first 7 missions he flew from Snetterton-Heath, Norwich, England, base of the 337th Sq., 96th BG.
    Thank you,
    Brigid O’Donnell

    Go to https://wwii-netherlands-escape-lines.com/faqs/how-do-i-learn-about-an-allied-airman-who-was-shot-down/ on this website and scroll down to “Learning About the Bombing Mission.”
    Bruce Bolinger

  4. I am looking for the mission report for Mission 114 (Munster). I am specifically looking for SSGT Thomas M Ennis. I believe he was a BTG on his plane. He was one of two personnel KIA that day. Not sure of AC number or name. Anything would be helpful

    • Herman Steunenberg

      Guess I missed out in my reply…Tim Pattavina plse contact me. I have more info regarding Thomas Ennis and crew.

  5. Patricia Martin

    Does anyone have the crews of the 385th BG, 548th SQ who completed the September 27, 1943 mission to Emden?

  6. Herman Steunenberg

    Hi Tim,
    Came across your request…I do have more info.
    Plse contact me
    Herman Steunenberg / Netherlands

  7. Thank you for your reply. I am interested in finding out anything on Tommy Ennis a member of this crew. Tommy was my mother cousin. If you have any pictures of his plane our family would love to get a copy. You can email direct at tjpatta@gmail.com.

    Thank you , Tim Pattavina

  8. Here’s a short video (there are 2 versions: French & English) that I’ve just finished making that focuses on 2nd Lt Jim Burch – the only aviator to lose his life whilst in Comete’s hands. He was the co-pilot on Tommy Ennis’s crew. http://cometepaysbasque.blogspot.fr/

  9. Hello,
    Does anyone know how many missions that “THE WILD HARE” completed before it was shot down, reported MIA.
    Also what type B-17 was she.

    • Dear Mr. Escovedo,

      The website of the American Air Museum in Britain (http://www.americanairmuseum.com/aircraft/4827) identifies “The Wild Hare” as a B-17F. The bombardier, Tom Applewhite, told me that it was a B-17F but that on one mission they used a B-17G, which probably was a welcome change because it was equipped with a chin turret that would have been valuable in the case of head on attacks by the Luftwaffe. As to how many missions it completed, I do not know.

      Bruce Bolinger

  10. Museum Overschie in Rotterdam is searching after 2 pilots who were crashed in april 1945 near Rotterdam. The fam. Post took them in and hide them from the Germans. On a wal of the farm there were some figures on a brick:
    RAF 1945 C5 or (CS) D’H RW RT
    Does anyone know something what it ment? Who’se initials these are? Which Squadron?
    The farm is gone but the piece of wall is kept at the museum. The resistance took a gun out of the airoplane.

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