The following name(s) were compiled from the list at The National Archives of the U.K. of Dutch helpers of Allied airmen and other military personnel during World War II who were trying to evade capture by the Germans.  The names have been sorted by city and town.  For a further discussion of the list and caveats relating to its use, click here.
  • v. Alphen, Willem, Helsluis F.33                                       (5)
  • v. Ballegooyen, Albert, B.121                                            (5)
  • v. Ballegooyen, Hendrikus, B.121                                     (5)
  • Bicker, George Dr., B223                                                      (5)
  • Bolyn, Cornelis L., Woonark.Aike.Middeldiep             (5)
  • Groenewold, Roelof E., Merwestr 31                               (5)
  • Hofman, Danker, Vermeerstr 59                                       (6)
  • Hollebrands, Johan I., Hugo de Grootstr 70                  (3)
  • Kuipers, Albert L., B345                                                       (4)
  • Kunst, Albert, B227                                                               (5)
  • De Landgraaf, Jan, Houte Willemsplein 5                     (4)
  • Lanser, Johannes Christiaan, Middeldiepster 131     (5)
  • Lanser, Suzanne, Middeldiepstr 131                               (5)
  • Lanser, W., B225, Wijk                                                         (6)
  • Van Leeuwen, B.B., no street address listed                 (5)
  • Van Leeuwen, Gerrit Herman, C109                                (5)
  • Van Leeuwen, Jakob, C109                                                 (5)
  • Van der Leun, Marinus, H de Grootstr 80                      (5)
  • Lobbezoo, Jouke, Helsluis                                                  (nil)
  • Meyer, Jacobus, Middeldiepstr 25                                  (5)
  • Prins, T.V., Piet Heinstr                                                        (5)
  • Pijl, Aart, A346                                                                        (5)
  • De Rouwe, Dirk, B40                                                             (5)
  • Verhoeven, Jakop, A654                                                     (5)
  • Visser, G.W.A., C161                                                             (5)
  • Visser, Jan, C161                                                                    (4)
  • Visser, Pieter, C161                                                               (3)
  • Volker van Leeuwen, H.R., C109                                       (5)
  • Volker, Jan, Rembrandtlaan 31                                        (nil)
  • Volker, Pieter Cornelis, A/B Woonark “Kerkeral”, post Sliedrecht  (5)
  • Van der Wiel, Cornelis, H. de Grootstr 82                      (5)
  • Van Woerkom, C., B58                                                         (2)
  • Zyp, Dr. Dirk, Wyk A.626                                                      (5)


Relying on the writings of his grandfather, Harm Hakkenes, Mr Sebastiaan Melof, wrote to say that the above list should be revised as follows:

1. Add Blokland, Lam

2. For Volker, the first names are Gerard and Piet.

3. Van Woerkom’s first name was Cees.

4. Van Ballegooijer’s [note different spelling] first name should be Gerrit.

5. Two other members of the Resistance were Evert Drenth and Bertha v.d. Laan.  

One response to “Sliedrecht

  1. I have writings from my great-grandfather who lived in this town during WWII. Some of the names above he metiones but one is missing. And that is Blokland.

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