Report by Secret Agent “Frans Hals” (Dignus “Dick” Kragt)

On this page you will find the following items about “Frans Hals” (Dignus “Dick” Kragt):

  1. A photo of him as he appeared soon after the Liberation of the northern parts of The Netherlands.  My thanks to his sister, Carina Lindley, for providing it.
  2. Two links to selected websites with information on Kragt.
  3. “Report on “The Activities of Frans Hals (Dignus “Dick” Kragt) from the 23rd of June 1943 till 18th April 1945″ from his helper file at the National Archives in College Park, Maryland.

Photo of Dignus “Dick” Kragt (“Frans Hals”) in 1945

Dignus "Dick" Kragt photo taken after Liberation, provided by his sister Carina Lindley

Dignus “Dick” Kragt photo taken after Liberation, provided by his sister Carina Lindley

Selected Websites about Dignus “Dick” Kragt (Frans Hals)

Report on the Activities of Frans Hals (Dignus “Dick” Kragt) from the 23rd of June 1943 till 18th April 1945

Kragt report, p. 1

Kragt report, p. 2

Kragt report, p. 3

Kragt report, p. 4

Kragt report, p. 5

7 responses to “Report by Secret Agent “Frans Hals” (Dignus “Dick” Kragt)

  1. Carina Lindley , 509 E. Stearns Avenue, Chamberlain, SD 57325

    Dick KRAGT was my beloved brother. This report of his is a little different from the one he gave me and interesting as it was more detailed. I was in London most of the war years and of course had no personal contact with him. But we once did get a message via Radio Orange and Airey Neave , his commanding officer, now and then reassured my mother that he was safe.

    • hi carina, my father (the black cat) helped you brother. airey neave mentions this in his book saturday at MI9. (page 281). it would be fun if you got this message.

      • Marianne Lindley Girten

        Apologies for not replying. My mum, Dig’s sister, died this week (age 100) and I’m only discovering she’d posted here snd you’d replied. I’d love to ask more but we are obviously occupied right now. Carina adored her brother and was very proud of him. I like to think they are once again dancing a little jig of love together somewhere ❤️. In the meantime I’ll look for Arie Naeve’s book. I have seen Sargeqnt at Arms and Escape from Arnam. (I’m slaughtering the spellings, I know, and I apologize; I’m in a hurry to get to other things.)

  2. Hello Carina, your brother helped my friend, Lt. John Low, a downed airman from Laurel, MS escape occupied Holland. I am doing a documentary on John with his children and I’d love to speak with you. I have recently completed another documentary called The Girl Who Wore Freedom. This current project is called The Brave Dutch. I’d love to cover the story of your brother and would love to talk with you.

    • Marianne Lindley Girten

      Please please contact me. I’m Carina’s daughter and have compiled most of what we’ve known about her brother. (Mum died just a few days ago, age 100.) I would love to help in any way I can. She was so proud of him and always felt he deserved some recognition, but Dig was too humble to speak out about his exploits. Here’s hoping we can help you – and maybe you can help us honor both their memories in some way. G635.researcher (remember the dot in there) and I’m at Gmail.

      • Hello Marianne, I am heartbroken to hear about your mum’s passing. I know it must be such a great loss. I can’t belive I just missed knowing her. My heart hurts as well. I’d love to honor your mother and uncle in anyway I can. I have an amazing story that will really surprise you. I can’t wait to talk with you! Can you please email me? Here is my email:, please email as soon as you can and we can set up a time to meet by Zoom.

  3. Carlo Rieteld

    This is a message for Marianne, Please send me an email at and I will answer you. As a young boy I knew Dick on our farm in Barneveld and he is mentioned several times in the small book of my mother’s diary I published a few yeas ago

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