At the beginning of 2023, I learned that the Belgian Helper files have been scanned, at least in part, by the National Archives and are available at

The Belgian Helper List is the counterpart of the Dutch Helper List.  Go to the drop-down menus to find the part of the alphabet that is of interest to you.  Note that helpers from Luxembourg are included with the Belgians in addition to being on a separate list.  To make sure you have not omitted any Luxembourg helpers, consult both lists.  The major headings for the Belgian Helper List are as follows:

Note that the correct citations of the sources of the Belgian and Luxemboug lists at The National Archives of the UK are as follows:

  • WO 208/5461 Belgium & Luxembourg A – J
  • WO 208/5462 Belgium& Luxembourg  K – Z
  • Wo 208/5463 Belgium & Luxembourg Supplementary

One specific Belgian escape line that may be of interest is Groupe Hoornaert-Dirix.  For further information, including a list of airmen helped. click here.

Corrections to the List

The listing of Janssens, Louis should be corrected to Janssen, Louis, living at Koeistraat 48, Arendonk, according to his granddaughter, Nadja Segers.  Our thanks to her for bringing it to our attention.

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