On this page appears my main list of books dealing with The Netherlands during World War II as well as more general books on The Netherlands.  It is followed by two pages with specialized lists of books dealing with the “Englandspiel” operation and the notorious collaborator, “King Kong.”

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4 responses to “Netherlands

  1. Yolanda Grace vander Puyl- Silva

    Can you help me find two books written by members of my papas teeam in the Amsterdam Underground. His name is BARTHOLOMEUS “DA GEK” vander Puyl. Papa told me stories sice I was 8. Friends verified the stories papa told. I started writing a book with every storypapa told me. Would love to honor a wonerful man

    • Dear Ms. Van der Puyl-Silva,

      I have no direct knowledge of your father’s Resistance activity. However, I have the following suggestions:

      1. Check the newspaper collection (Knipsels collectie) at the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation (NIOD) for your father and any of his associates. See I didn’t find any newspaper clipping for him but there might be some for one or more of his associates.

      2. Write the director of NIOD and request that their archivists search their other files for anything on your father. There are likely to be other files at NIOD that are not available on the Internet that may be of help. In addition, they are likely to have suggestions for you of other sources to check.

      3. Check Internet used book searches for the names of your father’s team who wrote the two books. I use but there may be others that are better suited to finding Dutch books. Lately I have been in touch with Erwin-Antiquariaat at about books on another member of the Resistance. Mr. Erwin Bastiaans at ERWIN may be able to help you if you give him the names of the other members of your father’s team.

      4. If your father or members of his team served in the Dutch Army during the German invasion, there will be files on them at the Ministry of Defense, Their files may contain postwar correspondence on their Resistance activities. You will need to specify that you want copies of any correspondence in their files, not just a summary of their military service.

      5. If your father or members of his team were arrested for their Resistance activities and sent to concentration camps, etc., the Dutch Red Cross may have files on them. Contact them at Also, the International Tracing Service can provide copies of their concentration camp records. Contact them at

      6. Since they were active in Amsterdam, the Amsterdam city archives may have information on them. See They probably will be able to suggest other sources as well.

      7. The National Library of the Netherlands at should be able to tell whether it or other Dutch libraries carry the books by your father’s associates. Another source might be the Digital Library of Dutch Literature at

      8. I would also check with the Dutch Resistance Museum at

      I am posting your query and my response on my website in case others see it and want to offer their suggestions.

      Best wishes,
      Bruce Bolinger

  2. HI
    I am being told stories of my Dutch relatives and met with my Dutch great grandfather when I was a small child.
    He was called Antonius Jansen based in The Hague said to be involved in the Dutch Resistance, he was married to a German lady. Antonius had three children from his first marriage, his son was in the Dutch navy on submarines Swordfish and Nautilus. His daughter Dien also known as Diana was reported to work with the resistance. I don’t know any more than that so it is a little like a needle in a haystack. I have been told that Dien and Antonius used to smuggle and assist people escape and with having a German wife was a good cover for their activities. Any information or where to start would be appreciated, many thanks

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