Belgian Cities: Weelde

  • Hermans, Louis, Hegge 9                                                        (NIL)
  • Leenaerts, Joseph, Tilbeirgschesteeuweg                           (NI)
  • Lenaerts, Albert, Steenweg Poppel 33                                 (post. 5)
  • Segers, Mme Joanna, Groote Baan                                      (5)
  • Severyns, Adriaan, Groote Baan 33                                     (ULT)
  • Swanne, Josephine, Molaende                                             (NIL)
  • Swanne, Joseph, Molaende                                                   (NIL)
  • Swanne, Laurent, Molaende                                                 (5)
  • Swaans, no first name, no street address                          (NI)
  • Vandevorst, Emmaus, no street address                                          (NI)
  • Van Gils, Jean Henry, Groote Baan 91                                 (5)
  • Willems, Jeanne, 30, Overheide                                                          (5)
  • Willems, Adriaan Kolen, 49 Schootschebaan                     (NI)

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