Aid Given to People in Need

The Smit-van der Heijden Line began by helping escaped French prisoners of war who were trying to make their way home from Germany.  Then they added the Dutch Jews who were fleeing the Nazis.  Next came the Dutch patriots, known as Engelandvaarders, trying to reach England to join the RAF, the Princes Irene Brigade, or some other Allied service.  In the meantime there were the onderduikers, the young Dutch men who went into hiding to avoid being sent to Germany to replenish the German labor pool.  Often Dutch families were left without a provider, requiring aid to the families.  Finally, there came the Allied airmen.  The following pages will provide information on each group.

One response to “Aid Given to People in Need

  1. My uncle, Walter Hollis Preston, pilot of B-17 went down with his plane after crew bailed out
    due to engine failure.

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