Danish Helpers: Dates, places of birth, addresses

The following nine pages were found at the British National Archives along with the Aaen to Larsen and Larsen to Westergaard lists  of Danish helpers that I posted above.  The nine pages contain some 200 names that are in no particular order and appear to involve people whose names are already included in the Aaen to Larsen and Larsen to Westergaard lists.  The reason I am reproducing the nine pages is because they include dates and places of birth whereas the other lists do not and, in some cases, more detailed addresses and more in the way of middle names.  If you are looking for further information on some helper, it may be worth your reviewing these nine pages as well as the main lists.

Page 1620981 (page 17 of page heading)


Page 1620982 (page 18 of page heading)


Page 1620983 (page 19 of page heading)


Page 1620984 (page 20 of page heading)


Page 1620985 (page 21 of page heading)


Page 1620986 (page 22 of page heading)


Page 1620987 (page 23 of page heading)


Page 1620988 (page 24 of page heading)


Page 1620989 (page 25 of page heading)


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