Digitized Dutch Helper List

In addition to the reproductions of the original Dutch helper list that appear elsewhere on this website, two other options for searching the list now exist, Dimitri Gazan’s Excel File and Jaap de Boer’s Database.  The first one, by Dimitri Gazan, may prove to be the easiest to use.  But Mr. de Boer should be credited for the work that Mr. Gazan then modified to provide easier access.

  • Dimitri Gazan’s Excel File of Helpers of Allied Airmen

Dutch Pilot Helpers List Complete (1) by Dimitri Gazan

  • Jaap de Boer’s Database

Researcher Jaap de Boer of Haulerwijk, The Netherlands, has digitized the entire list in a searchable database.  In doing so, he has corrected many typing errors.  Researchers may find the database a valuable tool to use in addition to viewing the original lists.    To use it you will want to take the following steps:

1. Go to http://www.haulerwijk.com/~seattlesleeper/Nara-Gov.htm.

2. If you do not already have Microsoft Office Access 2007 or later, you will need to install Access Runtime.  There is a link on the Seattle Sleeper website for this purpose.  Follow the instructions for doing so.  I have no prior experience in using it.

3. Download the digital version of the “Pilotenhelpers list.”   This may take a couple of minutes.

4.  If you feel comfortable with doing so, OK the Microsoft Access Security Notice.

5. The “Piloten Helper” screen appears.

6. Note the following characteristics of the screen:

  • The Selector field displays the list in  surname order when you click the down arrow.  You can scroll through the list to find the name you want.  When you click on a name, the other fields on the screen for that name will be populated.  There will be more information about the person than appears on the drop-down list.
  • To the right of the Selector field are three buttons, labeled “Place,” “Municipality,” and “Province.”  If you click on “Place,” it changes that button to “Name.”  Your choice among the buttons controls what appears in the Selector field.  Note that in some cases the drop-down list in the Selector field begins with some miscellaneous listings where the information is incomplete.  Do not despair.  Keep scrolling through the list until you come to the part where the listings are complete.
  • I will be adding more to these instructions as I become more familiar with the database.

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