World War II Netherlands

In addition to the following links, see also the sub-page on the marechaussees.

  • Advisory Committee on the Assessment of Restitution Application for Items of Cultural Value and the Second World War (Dutch Restitutions Committee):
  • Airmen Monument Foundation Giessenlanden WW2 (Stichting Vliegeniersmonument Giessenlanden WO2):
  • ARCHIEVEN.NL:  According to this site, it is supported by 85 participating organizations, contains 100 million descriptions of records, refers to 55 million people, and includes 3000 historical institutions or websites.  See also  This website allows you to search for particular words or persons in city archives in The Netherlands.
  • Delpher:  This website claims to make available  “More than one million Dutch books, newspapers, and magazines.”
  • De Slag om de Grebbeberg (The Battle of Grebbeberg):  Contains a great deal of information on the Dutch Army at the time of WWII.
  • Devotional Collection of Piet van Weereld.  This contains information from In Memoriam cards for a vast number of people.
  • “Suffering and Survival: The Netherlands, 1940-1945.” Eight papers delivered at the 1990 Conference of the Association for the Advancement of Dutch-American Studies (AADAS), Dordt College, Sioux Center, Iowa:
  • View Brabant, The History of Brabant in Picture and Story (Brabant Bekijken, De geschiedenis van Brabant in beeld en verhaal):
  • WWII in the Netherlands:  This website contains considerable information on WWII Dutch prison camps, Dutch SS, and the Dutch Resistance group NV.
  • Zuidfront Holland:

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