Occasionally I get a request that doesn’t quite fit the other categories on this website.  I will post them here.

1. Canadian soldier by the name of “Bill” in Zeist (received December 22, 2014)

Hello Bruce, I discovered your site and am wondering if I could place the following request on the site in order to find a person for my aunt?

Canadian Soldier “Bill” in Zeist about 1945 with Eva Constant.

PLEASE SHARE and spread: my aunt Eva Constant would like to know if the soldier shown here known to her as ‘BILL” from Canada in and around 1945, is still alive or if known what became of him. They knew him while they were very young girls in the city of Zeist. Just curious to know how he is doing! can anyone tell us?

Any help is surely appreciated thank you! -Jeanine


Visitekaartje Jeanine Bult Borgers 2012 gmail



8 responses to “MISC. HELP REQUESTS

  1. To perhaps fill in some blanks: she was a young girl in 1945 and had 7 sisters, lived on the Burg. Patijnlaan there. It was all very innocent and everyone was in a good mood due to the liberation period. She is just wondering what happened to this kind person.

  2. Marijke van der Veen

    My Mother here name was Marchien, also know a soldier his name was “Bill” . They had three months a lot off fun, singing, dancing drive-ins in a big truck. He left Holland november 1945, after 9 months I was born.

  3. Hello Marijke! Thanks for writing me and replying. There were a LOT of soldiers named Bill … hence the difficult search for the Bill I mentioned. Have you any contact with your natural father? or did he disappear after the war?

  4. The Bill or William I wrote about was stationed and stayed in Huize Scharweijde at the time and my grandmother did laundry for some of them and also for this Bill.

  5. I have found some more news: BILL as we know him, was enlisted at the 1st Canadian Army Corps. They entered the city of Zeist on Monday May 7th 1945 together with the British 7th Infantry Devision also known as “the Polar Bears”. Hopefully this will trigger something with someone!

  6. I’m writing a novel set in mid 1940 (in the July-August period) before the Battle of Britain. Any suggestions how an American in Zurich could possibly get to London in that time frame?

    Dear Sir:

    You might want to take a look at the book by Herbert Ford, Flee the Captor, for background. It concerns the story of the Dutch-Paris Line which moved fugitives from the Nazis to Switzerland. See also Megan Koreman’s, The Escape Line: How the Ordinary Heroes of Dutch-Paris Resisted the Nazi Occupation of Western Europe. Then take a look at Megan Koreman’s website at http://dutchparisblog.com/. Also read some of the books by Varian Fry (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Varian_Fry). Although he was operating out of Marseilles, there might be something useful there. Look at the history of Allen Dulles (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allen_Dulles ) who headed the OSS operation from offices in Berne, Switzerland. There should be no end of material on OSS activities during the war.

    Bruce Bolinger

  7. hello Steve I have no idea… sorry perhaps someone else might be able to answer your question.

  8. Lawrence Litwin

    Dear all… I contacted Bruce Bollinger the webmaster of this great site regarding a genealogical family question out of Belgium. He put my question to the general population of this site and I received a email from Mr Cardon Thierry who put me in touch with the right person. I contacted this person and he was able to get me into Cegasoma in order to conduct research on my maternal grandfather. After waiting for over 70 years we may finally have the answers that we are looking for. thanks so much for all your good work and your help.

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