World War II Photographs





United Kingdom

United States

  • SIRIS (Smithsonian Institution Research Information System):  You may want to use their tutorial.
  • World War II:  Their website keeps saying that their collection is free but to look at anything it appears that you start, first, with a 7-day free trial and after that you pay.

2 responses to “World War II Photographs

  1. Zonde dat er een hoop dode linken in deze werkelijk zeer interessante en informatieve website zitten.

  2. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Because of the sheer number of links on this website, it is impossible to monitor all of them. I will update this page next week when I return from a trip. But even a dead link can be useful. It serves to alert the visitor to the fact that there may be a useful source of information about a subject, in this case WWII photographs, on a website and he or she can investigate it further for the correct link. Often by trimming off the end of a link it is possible to go to the main page of a website and from there work out to the point on the website where the information is to be found.
    Bruce Bolinger

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