The following name(s) were compiled from the list at The National Archives of the U.K. of Dutch helpers of Allied airmen and other military personnel during World War II who were trying to evade capture by the Germans.  The names have been sorted by city and town.  For a further discussion of the list and caveats relating to its use, click here.
  • Deen, Thale, Grootestr 11a                                  (6)
  • v. Dijk, Petrus N.A., Almelostr 71                       (6)
  • Frank, Johannes H.A., Stationstr 1                     (6)
  • Meyer, Herardus J.H., Almeloschestr 53a      (5)
  • Meyer, Johannes J.H., Almeloschestr 53         (6)
  • Monnink, Johan Ant., Hertme gem Borne      (5)
  • Morselt, Hermanus A., Grootestr 44a              (6)
  • v. Oosterwijk, Johannes, Grootestr 17             (6)
  • Panhuysen, R.M.A., Korte Wensinkweg 1       (5)
  • v. Riel, Catherinus, Oude Deldenschestr 16   (5)
  • Roose, Willem, Almeloschestr 73                      (6)
  • Scholten, Hendrik, B.v. Bonninghausenstr 35  (5)
  • Vloebeld, Hendrikus J.P., Korte Wensinkweg 1  (5)

3 responses to “Borne

  1. I would like to know the name of the RCAF pilot who was hidden by Johan Monnink, Hertme, gem. Borne. Johan Monnink was the brother of my grandfather and gave the RCAF pilot a shelter for two days. Nardy Sok – Monnink

    • Dear Mr. Sok,
      My apologies for taking so long to reply to your request. I checked both the British index to helpers of Allied airmen and the American. In the British index there is a listing for a Johan Ant. Monnink, Hertme gem. Borne, Grade 5. In the US index there his a Johan Munnink, #2914, Hertme, born Borne. Note the different spelling of his family name in the US index. There should be a helper file for him at both the British and American archives and it may contain the name of the RCAF pilot hidden by him. Note the Grade 5 assigned to him. This is the most common ranking. The head of a major escape line would be a Grade 1. The US National Archives planned to scan all Dutch helper files and post them on the Internet (see but the virus brought that to a halt. However, you may be able to obtain a photocopy of his file from the US National Archives by getting in touch with them directly. See:
      National Archives at College Park – Textual Reference (RDT2)
      National Archives at College Park
      8601 Adelphi Road
      College Park, MD 20740-6001
      Phone: 301-837-3510
      Fax: 301-837-1752

      You will want to point out to them the misspelling of the name. You may find some other suggestions for research at the following page on my website:

      Best wishes,
      Bruce Bolinger

  2. I Would like information about RCAF pilot Jean Bergeron, hidden by Johan Monnink in Hertme, gem. Borne.

    To view the original listing for Mr. Monnink, see the index to Dutch helpers at the British National Archives at See also the index to Dutch helpers at National Archives II at College Park, Maryland, near Washington, D.C. For the listing of Monnink, see the misspelled listing of “Munnink” at Because the name appears on the list, it is highly likely that that there is a file on Monnink among the Dutch helpers files at National Archives II and that that the file may have some information on the airmen he helped, including Bergeron. To order a copy of the file on Monnink, see the following for suggestions:
    Bruce Bolinger, Webmaster

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