Air Forces Escape & Evasion Society


The Air Forces Escape and Evasion Society (AFEES) is an organization of (1) American airmen shot down during WWII who escaped or evaded capture by the Germans, (2) their helpers,  (3) family members, and (4) friends of AFEES.  It also includes some POWs. It holds an annual reunion and welcomes new members.  Below is the table of contents of its website.  Each listing below will link the viewer to the corresponding page of the website.  Note that when you click on a page, the page heading in the display of page headings in upper part of the screen will be italicized and in red.  For example, AFEES Contents of Website. That tells you that you are on the page that you intended to click on.  Just scroll down to view the contents of the page.

B17s with AFEES logo slightly smaller