Group Formation Flown

3 responses to “Group Formation Flown

  1. Michelle Singleton

    Hello! My father, Harold Singleton, was part of this mission. It was his first as captain. He always told us that he named the “Dragon Lady” after our mom.
    Michelle Singleton

  2. David Chaussee

    Dear Sir, I take this opportunity to extend my sympathy and a big ‘thank you’ to all the veterans and their families for participating in the liberation of our country, Belgium. I am writing about the mission of March 4, 1944: I am looking for all BS that was ‘bomb away’ between 12:25 and 12:45 on TO Target of Opportunity or not. Before or after the Turn Back to your base over Koln, Bonn, Coblenz. I am looking for Mission Air Crew Report, Group Intelligence Report, Combat Bombing Flight Record, After Report and any documents on this Mission March 4 , 1944. Is it possible to find the position of BS in CBW and the place of CBW in the BD. In advance I thank you and wish you a good week. David Chaussee

  3. Dear Mr. Chaussee, Have you tried the Air Forces Historical Research Agency (AFHRA) at Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery, Alabama? Their website is They have the Missing Air Crew Reports and might be able to provide the information you need.
    Bruce Bolinger, Webmaster

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