Schrynemakers Family in WWII

This part of the website will provide some background on the Schrynemakers family to be followed by material on the following subjects:

  • Arthur Schrynemakers’ dossier from the Belgian State Security.
  • The arrest of Heinrich Himmler by Arthur Schrynemakers’ son Arthur Britton.
  • Charles Schrynemakers’ role in the Resistance in Liege.  He was a member of Service D, a Resistance organization in Liege that, among other things, intercepted denunciations sent in the mail and warned people before the denunciations reached the Germans.  As a mailman, Charles was ideally situated to participate in this.  Later he was also involved in armed Resistance.  He may have helped Arthur Schrynemakers warn members of the Luc-Marc intelligence group that Robert Sauveur had been arrested.

One response to “Schrynemakers Family in WWII

  1. Schrynemakers Jean-Marie

    Grace aux recherches d’un “petit cousin” de la branche Schrynemakers, Mr Bruce Bolinger, je le félicite du travail qu’il a accomplis pour apporter la découverte de l’histoire de la guerre 1940-1945 des membres de ma Famille résident à Bruxelles. Je suis d’autant plus heureux de découvrir des sujets que je ne savais pas , en tant que dernier mâle de cette famille en Belgique. Cordialement

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