World War II Bombing Strategy

A great deal has been written, debated, and filmed on the subject of WWII bombing strategy by the Allies.  Here are a few websites on the subject.  Suggestions for additions are welcome.

Death by Moonlight: Bomber Command  (In French: Aviatiion de bombardement:  This documentary by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation generated a great deal of controversy.  See by the Museum of Broadcast Communications to put it in perspective.  Also see the rebuttal to the film by National Council of Veteran Associations in Canada at

Debate between Christopher Hitchens and A.C. Grayling on WWII Allied bombing policies as discussed in Grayling’s book, Among the Dead Cities

Bombing Germany: Documentary on the Controversial Bombing of Germany in WWII (from American Experience):

Strategic bombing, 1939-1945, review from The Economist of Richard Overy’s The Bombing War: Europe 1939-1945

British Bombing Strategy in World War II

WW2 Allied Bombing Strategy

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