Dutch-Paris Line

Airmen Helped by the Dutch-Paris Line

The following list of Allied airmen helped by the Dutch-Paris Line was compiled by historian Megan Koreman.  See the link below, “How to Flee the Gestapo” for more information on her research.  For the latest on her new book on Dutch-Paris, see below under Books About the Dutch-Paris Line.

  • Anderson, Robert F., USAAF
  • Arp, Elwood, USAAF
  • Bachman, Carl E., USAAF
  • Bailey, Harold, RAF
  • Boyce, Harold, USAAF
  • Breed, Mervyn, RNZAF
  • Brenden, Arden, USAAF
  • Brigman, Campell C Jr, USAAF
  • Brown, Cecil, [USAAF???]
  • Brown, Philip H, RAF
  • Buckner, John R., USAAF
  • Cassady, Leonard, USAAF
  • Cohen, Simon, USAAF
  • Davenport, RCAF
  • David, Clayton C., USAAF
  • Downe, Charles O., USAAF
  • Dutka, John A, USAAF
  • Elkin, Norman, USAAF
  • Elllis, Robert O., RAF
  • Ferrari, Victor, USAAF
  • Flores, Leopold, USAAF
  • Gallo, Russel, USAAF
  • Grubb, Ernest, USAAF
  • Hargest, General
  • Harris, RAF
  • Hicks, Chauncey, USAAF
  • Horton, Jack O, USAAF
  • Hussong, James, USAAF
  • Koenig, William, USAAF
  • Kolc, Eric, USAAF
  • Kratz, Harry, USAAF
  • Krengle, Robert, USAAF
  • Lock, William B, USAAF
  • Mackie, NM, RAF
  • Mandell, Nicholas, USAAF
  • Martin, Loral, USAAF
  • McDonald, William H., USAAF
  • McGlinchy, Frank, USAAF
  • McLaughlin, John G, RAAF
  • Mellen, Clyde, USAAF
  • Miles, Brigadier General
  • Miller, Karl D, USAAF
  • Miller, William J, USAAF
  • Morley, Henry, RAF
  • Morgan, Herman, USAAF
  • Morphen, Jeffrey, RAF
  • Mullins, Charlie, USAAF
  • Newton, James USAAF
  • Page, Fred, RAAF
  • Roberts, Omar, USAAF
  • Shaffer, Edward R., USAAF
  • Schuman, Donald C, USAAF
  • Settle, James, USAAF
  • Shaver, Kenneth, USAAF
  • Sherman, Howard, USAAF
  • Smith, Sydney, RAF
  • Snyder, Walter, USAAF
  • Steel, Henry, USAAF
  • Stern, Albert, USAAF
  • Stock, Ernest, USAAF
  • Van der Stok, Bram, RAF
  • Tank, Frank A. Jr, USAAF
  • Tracy, James E, USAAF
  • Trinder, Wallace, USAAF
  • Trnobransky, Jan, RAF
  • Vass, John, RAF
  • Wallinga, Jacob, USAAF
  • Wardle, Hank, RCAF
  • Watlington, RAF
  • Watts, George, RAF

Useful Links:

Books About the Dutch-Paris Line

  • Ford, Herbert, Flee the Captor, Nashville, Tennessee: Southern Publishing Assn.,  1966.  (Story of John Weidner and the Dutch-Paris line.  Also available in a paperback edition published in 1994 by Review and Herald Publishing Assn. of Hagerstown, Md. )
  • Gerstner, Karl-Heinz, Sachlich, kritisch, optimistisch, Berlin: edition ost, 1999.  (In German.  The author was a contact of the Dutch-Paris Line in the German Embassy.)
  • A new history of Dutch-Paris by historian Megan Koreman  has been published in Dutch with the title, Gewone Helden – De Dutch-Paris ontsnappingslijn, 1942-1945 (English title: Ordinary Heroes: The Dutch-Paris Line, 1942-1945).  An English edition is expected by 2018.   For further details, see her website at http://dutchparisblog.com/.)

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