Memorials to Victims of the Nazis

The following are photos of memorials to members of the Smit-Van der Heijden Line who were victims of the Nazis.

1. Geert Gerritsen and Adrianus van Gestel, Baarle-Nassau:

Memorial to Gerritsen and Van Gestel snipped photo

Below: Memorial Honoring Maria Cornelissen-Verhoeven, Geert Gerritsen, and Adrian van Gestel.  (Photo taken in 2002 by Bruce Bolinger showing Karst Smit pointing to where his face was to have been on the memorial.  When it was learned he was alive, ivy leaves were substituted.)  For more views of the memorial, click here.  Maria Cornelissen-Verhoeven was running a separate escape line from that of Karst Smit and Eugene van der Heijden.  Gerritsen and van Gestel joined it after the destruction of the Smit-Van der Heijden Line.

Karst pointing at Cornelisen memorial

2. Willem Schmidt, Zeist:

Memorial plaque at the Academiegebouw, University of Utrecht.  (My thanks to dr. Babs Boter for the photos and the translation.):

“Our weak heart may be fearful of dying, but that which is pure and great will never perish.”–Willem de Mérode

schmidt 1 007 by Babs Boter

schmidt 1 001 by Babs Boter

Photo and news story about street named after Willem

3. Hendrik (Henty) Jannink, Enschede:


4. Theo Vogels, Hilvarenbeek & Tilburg (2003 street unveiling in Hilvarenbeek.  My thanks to Ad van Rijswijk of the Workgroep Esbeek for the photo.  Below the name of Vogels the sign says “Verzetsstrijder [Resistance fighter] 1940-1945, died 24-4-1945.)

Ceremony opening Theo Vogels street

5. Theo Vogels and Staf van der Heijden.  My thanks to Mr. Gérard de Laat, retired teacher of the St. Odulphuslyceum, Tilburg, who provided the following memorial window honoring the memory of 27 former students who died as soldiers or who were active in the Resistance during WWII.  Among the names are those of Theo Vogels and Staf van der Heijden.  Theo Vogels’ name appears in the panel to the right of the scroll.  Staf van der Heijden’s name is in the panel below that.   Among the symbols are those of war and peace as well as the arms of The Netherlands, the provinces, and of Tilburg. The golden lion on a black background represents the arms of the province of North-Brabant, while the three towers are the arms of Tilburg.

P1020318 - St.-Odulphuslyceum, Tilburg memorial with names of Theo Vogels and Staf VDH

6. Jan van Dongen, Esbeek.   (2003 street unveiling in Hilvarenbeek.  My thanks to Ad van Rijswijk of the Workgroep Esbeek for the photo.  Below the name of Van Dongen the sign says “Verzetsstrijder [Resistance fighter] 1940-1945, died 17-9-1944.)

Unveiling of street sign to Van Dongen in 2003

7. Ernest van Moorleghem, Brussels. The following two photos show the Hotel de Ville in Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium and the plaque on the front of the building honoring Ixelles personnel who died opposing the Germans.  Van Moorleghem is shown among those executed by the enemy.

Hotel de Ville

Ixelles Hotel de Ville with plaque honoring Ernest


Snipped photo of plaque honoring Ernest

8.  Hilvarenbeek Town Square Memorial.  The following photo shows the memorial to those from Hilvarenbeek who died as a result of World War II and other conflicts.  Following it is an enlargement showing the names on the memorial.  A typed list follows that.

Memorial in Hilvarenbeek town square listing VDH and others

Detailed View of the Names

Memorial in Hilvarenbeek Town Square

List of names on the memorial in the Hilvarenbeek Town Square with dates of birth, death, and place of death.

  • Aarts, J.M. – 09-09-1911 to 07-09-1943, Kuy (Siam Thailand)
  • Aarts, J.L.G. – 20-09-1908 to 14-05-1940, Middelburg
  • Beer, H. de – 23-04-1908 to 31-10-1944, Eindhoven
  • Brekelmans, A.F.A.M. – 03-09-1915 to 19-12-1944, Einbeck (DLD)
  • Brouwer-V.D. Sande, C. de – 12-04-1903 to 07-10-1944, Hilvarenbeek
  • Dongen, J.A. v., 19-10-1918 to 07-09-1944, Biest-Houtakker
  • Dijck, J.H. v., 23-08-1900 to 29-10-1944, Biest-Houtakker
  • Gestel, J.F. v., 14-08-1883 to 11-10-1944, Hilvarenbeek
  • Ham, M.C. v., 13-05-1907 to 05-10-1944, Veldhoven
  • Heefer, A., 19-02-1854 to 05-10-1944, Hilvarenbeek
  • Hesselmans, C.P., 25-11-1922 to 12-10-1944, Eindhoven
  • Heijden, G.H.J. v.d., 11-02-1923 to 04/05, 1945, Bergen-Belsen (DLD)
  • Heijden, J.C. v.d., 20-03-1887 to -03-1945, Bergen-Belsen (DLD)
  • Heijden, M.F.J.B. v.d., 08-01-1915 to 04-1945, Neuengamme (DLD)
  • Hoof, J.C. v., 18-04-1884 to 12-10-1945, Hilvarenbeek
  • Kuijpers, G., 22-05-1926 to 28-12-1947, Cimahi (JAVA)
  • Leermakers, P.A., 10-08-1901 to 07-09-1944, Biest-Houtakker
  • Meijdenberg, J. v.d., 22-09-1881 to 24-02-1945, Biest-Houtakker
  • Persoons, L.P., 13-11-1902 to 11-10-1944, Hilvarenbeek
  • Prinsen, J.A.M., 04-12-1909 to 12-10-1944, Hilvarenbeek
  • Simpson, C.C., -1922 to 11-10-1944, Hilvarenbeek
  • Smeijers, P.A., 14-07-1908 to 27-12-1944, Hilvarenbeek
  • Smolders, A.H., 09-04-1926 to 11-10-1944, Vessem
  • Vogels, T.A.M., 13-10-1919 to 24-04-1945, Siegburg (DLD)
  • Wolfs, J.G.M., 19-07-1927 to -07, 1949, Tandjung Pura (Sumatra)

9. Plaque at the University of Wageningen (Among the names on the plaque are three of the students at the hideout in the Landgoed de Utrecht near Esbeek who were part of the escape line: J.A. van Dongen, J. de Konink, and J.Th. Oudemans.)

Plaque at Wageningen University


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