The following name(s) were compiled from the list at The National Archives of the U.K. of Dutch helpers of Allied airmen and other military personnel during World War II who were trying to evade capture by the Germans.  The names have been sorted by city and town.  For a further discussion of the list and caveats relating to its use, click here.

  • Achterbergh, Willem, Kon. Wilhelminastr                             (5)
  • v.d. Born, Gerrit, Langestr 87                                                       (2)
  • Bos, W. Dollardstr 144                                          (5)
  • Van Dam, Wouter, Smeepoort Brink 9             (5 post)
  • Deen, Sonja, Hospital de Lichtenberg               (5)
  • Van Dongen, Stafanie, L. Bergstr 27                  (5)
  • Drewes, Grietje, Schaepmanlaan 17                 (5)
  • Drewes, J.B., Schaepmanlaan 17                        (nil)
  • v. Dijk, Everdus, Hooglandscheweg 125          (5)
  • Eggink, Jasp, Soembaststr 4                                (5)
  • Van Eyden, Johannes, Lange Gracht 23           (5 post)
  • Fortgens, Albert Jac., Langestr 6a                      (6)
  • Goorhuis, Willem, Hoogeweg 101                     (5)
  • Graafhuis, Andries, Emmalaan 10                      (5)
  • Graafhuis, Hilda, Emmalaan 10                           (5)
  • Graafhuis-Smit, Marthe, Emmalaan 10            5
  • Graafhuis, Wubbo, Emmalaan 10                      (4)
  • Groenwegen, Herman Y., Gr. v. Prinstererlaan 25  (5)
  • v.d. Haar, R.G., Steven v.d. Hagenlaan 2          (5)
  • Havestad, Dirk, Resedastr 17                              (6)
  • Van der Heyden, Arnold K., Tollenslaan 11     (6)
  • Krul, Lubbertus, Dr. J.P. Heyelaan 6                  (4)
  • Maas, Frans, Panterschool                                  (6)
  • Nefkens, Piet, Korte Bergstr 28                          (5)
  • v. Opijnen, Dirk, Edisonstr 48                             (5)
  • Ottens, Gelius L., de Witlaan 5                           (4)
  • Plomp, Jacobus, Regentesselaan 15                 (6)
  • v. Schuppen, Gerrit, Soembastr 4                      (4)
  • Stakenberg, Abram, Leusderweg 179               (6)
  • Stronks, Jan W., Langestr 85                               (6)
  • Struik, Hendrik, Dollardstr 36                             (5)
  • Vermeulen, Hendrik Gerard, Kamplaan 1914  (5)
  • Vonkerman, Egbert, Vermeerstr 150               (6)
  • Weggeman, Gerrit Jan, Spoorstr 40                  (6)
  • v.d. Woerd, P.J., J.v. Oldenbarneveldlaan 33  (5)

5 responses to “Amersfoort

  1. Dr. J.B. Drewes and his wife were quite determined during WWII to resist NAZI-rule in the Netherlands. They hid the airmen in the loft of their house and moved to the first floor with their three daughters when they got the order to accept lodging of German soldiers (immediately) on the ground-floor. In fact the Drewes family on the first floor constituted the frontier between the two enemies, the Germans of course being unaware of the situation. Dr. Drewes was the youngest brother of my mother and he and his wife Grietje also organized shelters for Jews and in particular Jewish kids, For instance my parents hid successfully a young boy mediated to them by Grietje Drewes.

  2. II. After the war Dr. Drewes became a high-ranking official on the Department of Education in the Hague. In that position he maintained relations with foreign counterparts in the European Union and thus of course also with Germans. Although resisting the Germans during the war from the bottom of his heart, he got on well together with them after the war. He often spent his holidays in the german countryside, loved their wine and as a government official cooperated with them in harmony. Besides a number of Dutch Orders he became a Honorary Commander of the Order of the British Empire and above all he got the German Bundesverdienstkreuz and finest of all the “Goethe Medaille für Kunst und Wissenschaft”. Being a modest man, he still was proud on his Goethe Medal.

  3. III. It is only now, after having written down the story of the airmen in my uncle Jack’s house, that I realize that in fact lodging the German soldiers protected the other inhabitants (the allied airmen included) from the interest of more dangerous clubs like the SD, GESTAPO, SS and SIPO. None of them would suspect the house in the Schaepmanlaan as long as the German soldiers were there. The soldiers themselves were too disciplined to move uninvited upstairs.

  4. Do you know if Dr. Drewes worked with Dr. and Mrs. Drukker in the Resistance? See on this website for information on them. Please contact me, Bruce Bolinger, at the Personal Background page on this website.

  5. IV. The name of Dr. – and Mrs. Drukker Utrechtsche Weg 44 Amersfoort is unknown to the two daughters of Dr. Drewes still alive (two others passed away). However, my uncle was not quite communicative about his war adventures and probably not at all towards his daughters. My niece Els (USA) mentions the names of Piet Ubink and Juul Zegers as war-comrades of my uncle Jack.

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