World War II Traitors, Collaborators

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One response to “World War II Traitors, Collaborators

  1. Thank you for providing this information. I have always felt a deep sympathy for the resistance fighters who were betrayed during WWII. It’s gratifying to learn that many of the traitors were executed.
    If you can recommend available books regarding the traitors I would like to purchase them.

    My library contains the following books (and one video) that you might want to consider getting:

    Azema, Jean-Pierre and Robert Paxton, Eye of Vichy (video), directed by Claude
    Chabrol, First Run Features Home Video, 1993.
    Beevor, Antony and Artemis Cooper, Paris after the Liberation, 1944-1949, London:
    Penguin Books, 2004. (Chapter 14, The Great Trials, includes material on
    Bishop, Chris, Hitler’s Foreign Divisions, Foreign Volunteers in the Waffen
    SS 1940-1945, London: Amber Books, 2005.
    Bullock, John, Akin to Treason, London: Arthur Barker Ltd., 1966
    Burrin, Philippe, France Under the Germans, Collaboration and Compromise, New
    York: The New Press, 1997 (?) (English translation 1996).
    Claus, Hugo, (translated from the Dutch by Arnold J. Pomerans), The Sorrow of
    Belgium, New York: Pantheon Books,1990. [This is a novel, apparently
    based on the author’s experiences.]
    Davies, Peter, Dangerous Liaisons: Collaboration and World War Two, London:
    Pearson Longman, 2004.
    Deak, Istvan, Gross, Jan T., and Judt, Tony, The Politics of Retribution in Europe:
    World War II and its Aftermath, Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2000.
    Contains two chapters on Belgium, Coway, Martin, “Justice in Postwar
    Belgium: Popular Passions and Political Realities”, and Huyse, Luc, “The
    Criminal Justice System As a Political Actor in Regime Transitions:
    The Case of Belgium, 1944-50,” and one on the Netherlands.
    Dekkers, Frans, King Kong, The Hague: HP-Balans, 1986.
    De Bruyne, Eddy and Marc Rikmenspoel, For Rex and Belgium.
    Hirschfeld, Gerhard, Nazi Rule and Dutch Collaboration: The Netherlands Under
    German Occupation 1940-1945. New York: Berg Publishers, 1988. Also under Netherlands.
    Littlejohn, David, Foreign Legions of the Third Reich, Vol. II.
    Littlejohn, David, The Patriotic Traitors, the History of Collaboration in German-
    Occupied Europe, 1940-45, Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday & Co., 1972.
    Muñoz, Antonio J., Hitler’s Green Army.
    Murphy, Brendan, Turncoat, The Strange Case of British Sergeant Harold Cole, “The
    Worst Traitor of the War”, New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1987.
    Murphy, Sean, Letting the Side Down, British Traitors of the Second World War,
    Thrupp, Stroud, Gloucestershire: Sutton Publishing Ltd., 2003.
    Pinto, Oreste, Spy-Catcher, New York: Harper & Bros., 1952. (Has info on Lindemans,
    aka King Kong.)
    Best wishes,
    Bruce Bolinger

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