Ashbrook Questionnaire

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  1. Sept. 23, 2012 (Netherlands)

    Dear Sir,
    Trying to find back information about POW camps and their POW’s that I saw yesterday, by chance! the item “Ashbrook Questionnaire” was there.
    And YES! he ís the Joseph L. Ashbrook of the B-17 “Paragon” (July 07, 1944 North East Polder) ,who stayed together with his pilot 1st. Lieutenant Robert M. Harrah, Robert E. Giles and Kenneth Mays at the “Otten family” in the village of ERP.
    “Bob” Harrah and Kenneth Mays were brought to my parents’- (+ grandmother’s) farmhouse and stayed there (in SCHIJNDEL) from July 17 till July 20, 1944.
    From our dear friend Bob I got a copy of the picture with these four crew members, (taken at “Pyama House” July 1944); this was in the 80’s and of course I still have it.
    Ashbrook and Giles were taken to another village. All of them fell in Gestapo hands in Antwerp.
    And that was terrible.
    Best wishes,
    Til Kenkhuis – van den Boogaard

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