False Soir, The (Le faux Soir)

One of the fascinating stories of the Belgian Resistance in WWII is that of “The False Soir,” the bogus edition of the major Brussels daily newspaper, Le Soir, that, in November 1943, was produced and substituted by the Resistance for the real edition.  Elsewhere in this website there are two accounts of this incident.  Although “The False Soir” is not strictly related to the topic of escape and evasion, several airmen, including Tom Applewhite, who were in hiding in Brussels at about that time, spoke of it.  See the following:

  • Ed Reniére’s autobiographical account, “A Young Boy and the ‘Good’ War.”  To read it, click here.
  • Part II of my article, “Dutch and Belgian Heroism — WWII Escape Lines for Allied Fliers.”  To read it, click here.

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