The following name(s) were compiled from the list at The National Archives of the U.K. of Dutch helpers of Allied airmen and other military personnel during World War II who were trying to evade capture by the Germans.  The names have been sorted by city and town.  For a further discussion of the list and caveats relating to its use, click here.  See my caveat below the list.

  • Berntsen, Clemens S., 65 Hilderscheweg, Beek            (5)
  • Bolk, Gerardus, Loerbeek 63, Beek nr. Didam           (6)
  • Boot, Jacob, Groenstr 24, Beek NB                               (6)
  • Fassaert, Honore, Markt 9, Beek NB                             (5)
  • Gommers, Cornelis, Rietdijk H31, Beek NB                 (5)
  • Hendriksen, Maria A., Huize de Steeg, Beek               (5)
  • Hennekens, Eugene Ch., Spronkpark 16, Beek          (5)
  • Hennekens, Rene M.H.A.kl, Spronkpark 16, Beek    (6)
  • Hennekens-Hoppers, Maxime, Wolfeinde 8, Beek   (5)
  • v.d. Kar, Petrus J., Valdijk 29, Beek                                (6)
  • v.d. Riet, Adriaan J.C., Emer H36, Beek NB                  (5)
  • Vonk, Anthonius J., Valdyk 10, Beek                             (5)

My atlas of the Low Countries lists four Beeks in The Netherlandes, one in Limburg, two in Gelderland, and one (Beek en Donk) in North-Brabant.  In the above list, I cannot be sure which of the Beeks is which except that when the entry reads “Beek NB” it may by Beek en Donk in North-Brabant.  But I cannot  even be certain of that.  Use the list with care.

2 responses to “Beek

  1. One of the places mentioned here as Beek has been renamed since and is currently called Prinsenbeek. The street names Groenstraat, Markt, Rietdijk, Valdijk and Emer are all located in or around Prinsenbeek. Best Regards, Bart.

  2. The streets ‘Spronkpark’ and ‘Wolfeinde’ are in Beek-Limburg.

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