U.S. National Archives List of Dutch Helpers

This page of the website was added on 1 September 2015 and provides the list of Dutch helpers that is on file at National Archives II (NAII)  in College Park, Maryland.  NAII is a branch of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).  The prior pages of this website on Dutch helpers were added to the website several years ago, and are based on the list of Dutch helpers at the British National Archives.  I became aware of differences between the two lists while copying helper files at NAII.  The NAII list is organized by Award Grade, whereas the list from the British National Archives is a straight alphabetical list of all helpers’ names.

Curious to see how much of a difference there was between the two lists, I did a small test, comparing names on one list with those on the other.  I found a significant number of helpers on one list but not the other.  Consequently, anyone searching for a particular helper should consult both lists.

The National Archives II list appears as follows.  Click on the appropriate file for a particular award grade.  The larger award grades will appear in manageable segments identified by the range of surnames.

To see a discussion of the geographical hierarchy of Dutch place names or to view the British version of this index, click here.  To see an FAQ with tips for researching Dutch helpers, click here.  To see an FAQ with tips for researching Allied airmen who were shot down, click here.

The National Archives and Records Administration has begun scanning the Dutch helper files and as of mid-December 2016 had completed 10 out of 90 boxes.  It is expected that the scanning will be completed by mid-2017.  The following is the link to the index that was created as part of the project: https://catalog.archives.gov/id/5709392.   Once the project is completed, it should be possible to view a file through this link.  Note also that if you scroll down to the bottom of the page of that link you will find a listing of the containers of the helper files, from container 750 (AA, Bernard to Amsink, Jan) to container 890 (Zanen, A. to Zijsvald, A.H.J.).

For a discussion of the meaning of the Award Grade assigned to a helper, see an English-language explanation at https://www.evasioncomete.be/TxtAwards2.html.  For an explanation of the Award  Grades on this website, see the History of the Holland Office, 6801 MIS-X Detachment, the second memo (dated 28 June 1946), pp. 7-11.

Note that the list below of Dutch helpers uses the system of alphabetization based on the main part of a person’s family name.  For example, the first name below in Award Grade 6A,, Van de AA,  is under the A’s, not the V’s.  (But if you are looking through the actual helper files at National Archives II, it will be the reverse.)

My thanks to Gene Buck for scanning the U.S. list of Dutch helpers.

Explanation of Netherlands Master List: Info – Dutch Gr 1-4 (3.17 MB)


Dutch Grade 1


Dutch Grade 2


Dutch Grade 3


Dutch Grade 4a (#1, ANDERSON to #113 MOLENAARM)

Dutch Grade 4b (#114, MONNIER to #234, ZIJLSTRA)


Dutch Grade 5a (#1, Van Der AA to #405, BLOEME)

Dutch Grade 5b (#406 BLOEMENDAAL to #810 BYMAN)

Dutch Grade 5c (#811 Van BIJSTERVELD to #1219 Van EVERDINCK)

Dutch Grade 5d (#1220 EVERS to #1636 HEETEBRIJ)

Dutch Grade 5e (#1637 HEETHUIS to #2058 De JONG)

Dutch Grade 5f (#2059 De JONG to #2479 Van der LAAN)

Dutch Grade 5g (#2480 Van der LAAN to #2879 MIDDELHOVE)

Dutch Grade 5h (#2880 Van MIDDELKOOP to #3274 PILOT)

Dutch Grade 5i (#3275 PINCKAERS to #3664 Van SCHAICK)

Dutch Grade 5j (#3665 Van SCHAIK to #4061 STRYKERS)

Dutch Grade 5k (#4062 STUART to #4489 Van VOORTS)

Dutch Grade 5l (#4490 Van VOORST to #4870  Ten ZYTHOFF)


Dutch Grade 6a (#1, van de AA to #340, COUWENBERGH)

Dutch Grade 6b (#341, CREMER to #709, van HERKHUIZEN)

Dutch Grade 6c (#710, HERMANISSEN to #1075, van LEEUWEN)

Dutch Grade 6d (#1076, van LEEUWEN to #1419, RIDDER VAN RAPPARD)

Dutch Grade 6e (#1420, de RAPPER to #1757, TJEEK WILLINK)

Dutch Grade 6f (#1758, TOERING to #2118, ZYSVELD)