World War II Memorials and Overseas Cemeteries

  • American Memorial Association of Saint-Nazaire, 8th USAF Aircraft Downed in France, 1942-1945 (Association du Memorial Américain de Saint Nazaire, Avions de la 8ème Air Force Tombés en France, 1942/1945): .  According to this website, it contains an inventory of 800 aircraft and 6500 airmen for crashes throughout France.
  • Fallen Heroes of the Mighty Eighth:  Includes an interview with Jean-Paul Favrais who is promoting monuments throughout France in memory of 8th A.F. airmen who were killed during WWII.  As a nine-year-old boy in Breal, near Brittany, France, he found the charred body of an American airman in the wreckage of of his plane on June 14, 1944, never forgot the experience.  He later identified the airman, 1st Lt. Russell G. Quinn, of Harrisburg, Oregon, located Quinn’s family, and spearheaded a movement to build a monument of granite shaped like the wing of a plane in Quinn’s memory.  He also arranged for Quinn’s younger sister to be present at a ceremony in Lt. Quinn’s honor in 1995.
  • Information Portal to European Sites of Remembrance (Gedenkstätten zu Orten in Europa):  There is a map for each country showing the names of the memorials.  Click on the name of the memorial to go to photos and historical information.
  • National WWII Memorial:  For their WWII Registry:
  • World War II Aircraft Crashes in the Netherlands:  The database, which visitors can download, contains a page on WWII cemeteries.  Those in The Netherlands are organized by province and give the number of Allied airmen buried in each cemetery.

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