The following name(s) were compiled from the list at The National Archives of the U.K. of Dutch helpers of Allied airmen and other military personnel during World War II who were trying to evade capture by the Germans.  The names have been sorted by city and town.  For a further discussion of the list and caveats relating to its use, click here.
  • Appels, A.L., Veldhovenstr. 45                                (6)
  • Aspert, Gerardus L.C., Veldhovenstr. 15              (6)
  • Baayen, Cornelis, Ringbaan West 2980                 (nil)
  • De Beer, Ant. Franc, Lovenschestr. 68                   (nil)
  • Bertens, P.E., Heikestr. 58                                        (5)
  • v. Beurden, Henricus A., Bisschop Masiusstr. 59 (5)
  • v. Bommel, Petrus H.A., v. Grobberdonkstr. 41  (5)
  • Brands-Kahman, Cecile, St. Jozefstr. 98                (nil)
  • Brasz, Bertram Henri, Plataanstr. 32                       (5)
  • Breuker, Alex., Bredaseweg 294                             (5)
  • De Bruin, Albert, Molenbrachtplein 10                 (6)
  • De Cock, Franciscus C.M., Gaasthuisstr. 15a       (6)
  • Coorens, Piet, Heuvelstr. 54a                                  (6)
  • Ditvoorst, Mathys, Tuinstr. 106                              (5)
  • Donders, F.S.A.M., Hoogvenschestr. 105             (5)
  • Enneking, H., Bredascheweg 389                           (nil)
  • Ex, Paul J.J., Mr. Stormstr. 1a                                  (5)
  • De Feijter-Luyten, W.J., Heile Schoorstr. 11         (5)
  • Franken-Keijser, A., Wilhelminapark 36                (nil)
  • Franken, Jan, Wilhelminapark 36                           (5)
  • Franken, Jos, St. Annaplein 4                                  (5)
  • De Gelder, Hartog, Beckschedijk 309                     (3)
  • Gimbrera-Herculeyns, Ph.L.M., Bosschweg 458 (6)
  • Gimbriere, Jules H., St. Josefstr. 63                        (5)
  • Van Harssel, Elizabeth J.C., Heuvel 59                   (5)
  • Van Harssel, Leonie, Heuvel 59                              (5)
  • Van Hoek, Francois J., J.v. Berwerwjkstr. 13        (nil)
  • Hoekx, Pierre, Enschotschestr. 126                        (6)
  • Hollanders, Martinus, Einderstraat 31a                (nil)
  • Van Homburg, C.A.H.D.J.M., Korvelscheweg 75 (5)
  • Hoogenraad, M.E., Lange Nieuwstr. 253a            (5)
  • Hornman, Petrus, Telefoonstr. 18                         (5)
  • Van Huygenvoort, C.A., Waterorenplein 24        (6)
  • Jansen, Lambertus, J.P., Coenstr. 89                     (5)
  • De Kanter, Lambertus, Bernagiestr. 11, Dross     (5)
  • v. Kerkoerle, N.H.M., Telefoonstr. 8                      (nil)
  • v. Laarhoven, Hub. A.A., Willem II str.                  (5)
  • de Leeuw, Anna M.W., Beekse Dyk 75                  (5)
  • de Lepper, A.G., Potgeiterstr. 2                              (5)
  • Linthorst, Wim J.M., Bosscheweg 146                   (nil)
  • Luyckx, Reinier, Julianapark 75                               (5)
  • Manni, Dion, Jan Aartstr 60E                                  (nil)
  • Meeuwen, J.N.M., Paterstr 85                                (6)
  • Van Melis, Bernardus J., Stokhasselstr. 42           (5)
  • Melis, Jeanne, c/o v. Opstal, Willem II str.           (6)
  • Mutsaerts, A., Heuvelstra 75                                   (nil)
  • v. Nunen, Franciscus, Leenherenstr. 23                (nil)
  • Nijdem, Assuerus, Heuvel 64                                  (5)
  • Pirottin, Louise, Armhoefstr. 22               (5)
  • Pirottin, Blanche, Armhoefstr. 22                           (5)
  • Pulskens, Coba, Diepenstraat 49                            (5 post)
  • Reuntjes, Maria, Korvelscheweg 206                     (5)
  • Santegoets, Cees P., Trompstr. 17                         (6)
  • v. Santwoord, A.H.N.,  Poststr. 5                            (6)
  • Schmitz, Hubertus, Korenbloemstr. 113 (6)
  • Schyns, M., Wilhelminaprk 34                                (5)
  • Sprokkel, T., Valkenierstr. 36                                  (5)
  • Tensen, W., Doornbossestr. 14                              (5)
  • v.d. Ven, Antonius W.M., v. Grobbendonckstr. 5 (nil)
  • Verbruggen, Charles J.F.M., Goirleseweg 41       (5)
  • Vossen, A.M.J., Bosscheweg 398                            (5)
  • Wagemakers, C.J.M., Theresiaplein 17                 (6)
  • Wanrooy, Johannes A.W., Vernisstr. 27               (5)
  • Weiss, Emil, Woonwagenkamp 96                         (5)
  • Wieland-Los, Johan Corn., Kanaaldyk 59              (5)
  • Willekens, H.C.J., Heuvel 61                                    (5)

4 responses to “Tilburg

  1. Adrian van Zantvoort

    Is there anyone out there who can help me to track down the family of Mr Johan Kornelis Wieland-Los,Tilburg who helped Allied airmen to escape and gave them a shelter.
    I am in touch with Family Brazil of Canada. Their Father Sgt Jim Brazil was shotdown near Elsendorp in Holland 26 July 1943 and the family would like to get in touch with the family Wieland-Los to Thank them for sheltering their Father during WW2.

  2. I’m also looking for the family of Mr. Wieland Los, for research purposes. Is there anyone here who can help?

  3. Frank J. M. van Beurden

    I came across this website today when looking up an obituary for a cousin of mine from Tilburg. I never realized that my Uncle and my grandfather were involved in helping airmen escape during WW2. Both my parents were from Tilburg and were married in the main church op de Heuvel.
    My uncle was Bart (Lambertus) de Kanter and my grandfather was Henricus van Beurden.
    Bart de Kanter’s wife (Mien van den Assem) was my mother’s (Ida, “Zus”) oldest sister. My father was Harry A.C. van Beurden who received his doctorate in Economics from Tilburg in 1950 and worked all his life for Philips Electronics around the world (Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Holland, America, Canada). I lived in Holland until I was 11 years old and grew up with Bart de Kanter’s two youngest of 9 children, Rob and Paul. I have lived in Canada since 1964, run my own small business and am 67 years old with 4 children. Our youngest son Tom (30) is a Captain in the Royal Canadian Air Force.

    Small world!

    Frank J.M. van Beurden
    142 Glenrose Avenue,
    Toronto, Ontario M4T 1K8

    Dear Mr. Van Beurden,

    Thank you for writing. Your uncle, Bart de Kanter, was a member of the Smit-Van der Heijden escape line. You will find him listed under Tilburg on this page of my website: https://wwii-netherlands-escape-lines.com/airmen-helped/members-of-the-smit-van-der-heijden-line/civilians-in-the-line/ . You will find further information on the Smit-van der Heijden Line at https://wwii-netherlands-escape-lines.com/airmen-helped/ . Probably the most detailed account of the line on the website is at https://wwii-netherlands-escape-lines.com/airmen-helped/articles-about-the-line/by-trial-and-error-the-experience-of-a-dutch-escape-line-in-the-second-world-war/

    I am attaching the following:

    1. Report from NIOD, the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation, on the line. See pg. 2 for reference to Theo Vogels, his half brother, and Mr. de Kanter picking up airmen at the train station in Tilburg and transporting them to Hilvarenbeek.
    2. Photo of Theo Vogels.
    3. Photo of ceremony honoring Vogels by naming a street after him.
    4. Photo of Tilburg memorial honoring Vogels.
    5. Odulphus Lyceum Report on Theo Vogels. You will see the account of how Vogels was arrested at de Kanter’s house. A terrible tragedy.

    There probably is a file on Mr. de Kanter at the National Archives II in College Park, MD. Go to the second item on the following page of my website at https://wwii-netherlands-escape-lines.com/faqs/faqs-resistance/ for instructions on obtaining a copy of his file. It is under the heading of “National Archives Helper Files.”

    If you have a photo of Mr. de Kanter, I very much would like to get a copy.

    Faced with open heart surgery last January (and my wife asking me what she should do with all my files if I died before she did), I donated all my WWII escape and evasion files to the McDermott Library at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO. Probably to be known as the Bolinger Collection, they will be open to researchers and were being indexed before the virus hit. There is a chance that there is a file on Mr. de Kanter which may contain more information than what I have posted above. The file probably will be under the heading of “Smit Org. – Tilburg – de Kanter.”

    I sending all the above directly to you as an email.

    Best wishes,
    Bruce Bolinger

  4. Ayna A. Meppelink

    Correction regarding “Brasz, Betram Henri”: my great-uncle’s first name was “Bertram.”

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