WWII Maps of Belgium, France, Netherlands

On this part of the website I have posted four maps that may be of use to visitors.  They are as follows:

1. Netherlands, 1940-1945 (by Mokeham Publishing)

The map at this link, Netherlands 1940-1945 PDF file, was prepared for me by Mokeham Publishing, Inc., publishers of Dutch, the magazine, at http://www.dutchthemag.com/.    The cities and towns shown I selected for various reasons, but in many cases it was because they had or might have had a connection to the Smit-van der Heijden Line.  The distinct color for each province can be helpful in several ways, such as helping you to identify the the regional archive that may have records on members of the Resistance in that province who are the subject of your research.  The coastline reflects what it was in 1942 when the reclamation was completed that resulted in the creation of the Northeast Polder.  Modern day Flevoland did not come into existence until 1986.  Use the legend in the lower right of the map to identify the towns identified by letters and numbers.

2.  Map of Tilburg to Weelde (1938)

For a 1938 map of the area from Tilburg to Weelde, click here.

3. Map of Belgium (1944)

For a 1944 map of Belgium, click here.

4. Map of France (1942)

For a 1942 map of France, click here.

5. Map of The Netherlands (1944)

For a 1944 map of The Netherlands, click here.

One response to “WWII Maps of Belgium, France, Netherlands

  1. My encounters with WW2.I was 16 at close to the end of war. We as a family had many close calls. A German mortar hit the corner of the house had it gone a few feet to the left it would have gone directly through the window straight into the basement, we could have all been dead. Days later I was pulling mangels and seen mortars flying through the air. They kept coming closer I dropped between the rows of mangels and heard a big bang and had a layer of dirt on on top of my back I looked up and saw a big hole 8 feet from
    jump in that hole and it saved my life.
    me I

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